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Nyko Accessory Reviews

Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

By Jonathan Marx

Nyko Zero Wireless Controller
with Built-in Vibration and Multi-Axis Technology for PS3

The Zero series controllers are pretty stylish to look at. Many will recognize the configuration from that of the PS2 rig. This time around however, the Zero for PS3 includes not only vibration, but also Multi-Axis Technology. We found the motion sensitivity of the controller to be a bit loose, but then again so are the Sony controllers. As such, players likely won't find an appreciable difference between the Nyko product and the first party counterpart.

A few features we really enjoyed were the top plate metal grip panels and the backlit LED buttons. The metal does a decent job of keeping your hands cool, while the LEDs look neat. I do wish they carried the metal throughout the entire controller though. As it is, the polymer bottom portion still produces sweaty fingers for the majority of your hand, while your thumbs and half your palms stay comfortable.

The controller includes an adapter for standard batteries or, if you prefer, a NiMH rechargeable pack that's more sleekly designed than those of the ChargeBase for 360. The batteries last about 20 hours as well and can be charged via the standard Sony USB attachment.

Other minor problems we encountered included a somewhat imprecise and shifty D-pad and some connectivity issues while turning on the PS3. Other than that, the Zero controller for PS3 is a pretty nice option. Unfortunately, unless you really dig the metal top or LED lights, it may be a better idea to just pick up the DualShock 3.

MSRP: $49.99

Score: 3.6 (Out of 5) - Good

Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

Nyko Cord-Free Wireless Adaptor
for Wii Nunchuk Controller

This Nunchuk adapter does a good job of converting the first party controllers you already own to a cord-free option. We found that the Nunchuk (after a little coercing) fit nicely in the adapter and felt natural though a little bit heavy for our liking. One thing consumers may find bothersome is they have to wind the Nunchuk's cord around the adaptor's base, which is a bit of a hassle. Nevertheless, this only has to be done once. In fact, the rubberized base sleeve does a good job of hiding the cord and keeping it secure.

Both the adaptor base and receiver are pleasing to the eye and utilize blue LEDs that nicely match that of the Wii. We had absolutely no issues synching the base to the receiver, and they both functioned perfectly, as if they were hardwired. As much as we liked this product, we still wanted a more comprehensive solution though. It's not that we didn't like the Cord-Free, it's just that winding the cord around the base and the resulting weight was a mild concern.

However, Nyko has already addressed this issue with the launch of the Wireless Kama Nunchuk, and we can't wait to get our hands on that beauty at E3!

MSRP: $19.99

Score: 3.8 (Out of 5) - Good

Nyko Accesories - A Bevy of Alternatives! article

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