Outrageous & Unconfirmed - Touchy Developers and Corporate Malfeasance!

Outrageous & Unconfirmed - Touchy Developers and Corporate Malfeasance!

Wii 2 Footage Leaked?

I hope Nintendo releases some detailed information about its Wii successor at E3, because I can't take much more speculation. The most recent news comes in the form of a video of a slide presentation about the console. It's probably a fake, but it's an elaborate fake, so it's fun to watch.

I especially like the warped-looking controller; it's as if you took the new version of the Classic Controller, stretched it out, and put a big honkin' touch screen in the middle.

Status: Unconfirmed is an understatement.

Wet 2 Sinks?

There's no official announcement yet, but it seems that the sequel to the 2009 shooter/action title Wet has been canceled. Various employees of the developer, Behaviour Interactive, now list the game as a former project on their résumés, and some staffers who were working on the game have left for other companies.

Bethesda, which published the original game, confirmed that it will not be publishing a sequel. Behaviour has kept mum on the whole thing. It's too bad: the original game was no masterpiece, but it featured some good ideas that Behaviour could have expanded upon.

Status: Unconfirmed.

Outrageous & Unconfirmed - Touchy Developers and Corporate Malfeasance!

Touchy Much?

It's been more than six months since Fable III came out on the Xbox 360, but thanks to its recent PC port, it's back in the news—and the game's lead combat designer, Mike West, is evidently not too happy about the way we critics treated his work.

To be fair, I liked a lot about the game (I gave it a 3.7/5 when I reviewed it last year). The story in particular was fantastic. But the combat was too simple (though it's harder in the new PC version), and the second half was absolutely baffling. You had to save up money to fight a coming invasion, but time passed at an uneven rate, skipping ahead at random, so you could never tell whether or not you were on pace to win.

West's latest interview doesn't do much to redeem any of the game's flaws. After explaining the new tweaks to the combat system and (ridiculously) implying that Fable III is a better game than The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, he says that criticisms of the story were unfair, and makes this counterargument: "It's an interesting situation of you gather people together and then defeating the main bad guy."

Well, sure. But the story isn't exactly the most ragged-on feature of Fable III. And, as others have pointed out, West's description applies only to the first half of the game. This only strengthens the assumption that the developers made a great first half, ran out of time, and threw the rest of it together.

The bottom line is that Lionhead spent only two years putting together Fable III, and did a better job on some aspects of the game than on others. That's not exactly a huge failure, so far as video game development goes. I'm still a fan and looking forward to their next project. But if you're in the business of making video games, you're in the business of being criticized. It's usually best just to let bad reviews go.

Status: Outrageous.

Don't Study, Play Games!

In this era of "corporate responsibility," it's always nice to see a company do something slightly evil just to make a profit.

This week, Bill Gates and Co. announced a promotion in which Microsoft will give an Xbox 360 to any student who buys a Windows PC priced $700 and up from participating retailers. Remember all that time you spent playing video games instead of studying? Microsoft is pretty much encouraging that kind of laziness, handing out time-sucking game machines to students, plenty of whom probably wouldn't have bought one otherwise.

That's a good deal, though. I'm jealous.

Status: Outrageous.

Outrageous & Unconfirmed - Touchy Developers and Corporate Malfeasance!

More Sony Problems?

With PSN scheduled to bring the rest of its functionality back next week, Sony's public image can only improve, right?

Maybe not. According to Rockstar games, the PS3's new firmware update is causing overheating problems with L.A. Noire. Fortunately, unlike a certain other console that experienced overheating issues, the PS3 shuts down instead of crapping out completely.

I'm not letting Rockstar off the hook, though—especially since some 360s are crashing or freezing when used with Noire, too.

Honestly, these types of problems are baffling. It's similar to an issue with Halo: Reach, which apparently gains and loses functions depending on which version of the 360 is running it. (My old model froze up whenever I hit a certain campaign mission, and apparently hard drive-less models won't play co-op.) Shouldn't developers and publishers test games on all hardware iterations before selling them? And shouldn't firmware updates be tested with a wide variety of games to diagnose potential issues?

Status: Outrageous.

By Robert VerBruggen
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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