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Old School Gaming

Old School Gaming article

Though everything I just mentioned is completely unlikely, I reluctantly toss the idea into my nerd bin of would be fantasies never to see the light of day again. A Jackie Chan game, completely remade, would be a golden egg to cherish. Jackie Chan himself serves as a character that could give many of our already popular gaming icons a run for their money. Yeah, Sonic the hedgehog is fast, but not for long if Jackie Chan spin kicks him in the knees. I'm not even going to start with the Super Mario who is obviously up in age. Alas, somewhere out there, maybe in another world or maybe another dimension, there are green skinned, three eyed, alien children playing Jackie Chan Stuntmaster on a new generation console. Those lucky green toned, three eyed, alien children who envy no man.

Matthew Walker, Freelance Writer

There are several games that spring to mind when you start talking about the possibility of renewing or making available classic games of yester-year. Those games are the ones that shaped our minds around the video game requirements of today. To me, there are but a few I would love to see brought to any of the next gen consoles or online stores.


Obviously, the first choice for nearly any RPG fan would be Final Fantasy VII. Given its dynamic storyline and involvement of the characters' history with all of the remakes that have been made lately, and some that are still yet to come, I would have thought this would have been a sure thing. Since it doesn't look like it will be remade anytime soon, why not bring it to one of the online stores? With so many new gamers exploring the RPG field now, why not make it available at all of the online stores? Allow the Xbox 360, Wii, and, of course, the PS3 enthusiasts to experience arguably the best RPG of all time. This is the RPG that really started the PlayStation boom, after all.

Another lesser-known game of my past indulgence is a little title called D. D was the story of a girl named Laura that, upon discovering her father was on a killing rampage at the local hospital (he was the director and a doctor at the hospital), enters into a world so twisted and surreal, that it sparked the intrigue of just starting out survival horror fans. This was my first outing with survival horror games and the experience I had was great and, in my opinion, D primed the market for other future classics like Silent Hill and Fatal Frame. D would make a great addition to the 360 and PS3 stores, mainly because of its originality. However, I would rather see a remake of this title. Increase the gameplay, broaden the storyline, and give Laura and her creepy enemies a nice next-gen makeover. Then you've got a number one hit just waiting to happen.

Old School Gaming article

Adam Brown, Freelance Writer

When I was in high school, it was also a great time to play video games. It was still a three console race but between the Sega Saturn, Sony's Playstation, and the Nintendo 64 (N64). Seemingly never-ending days of classes were followed by countless nights of playing Virtua Fighter, Virtua Cop, Twisted Metal, and Tekken with my friends. As you can tell, Sega and Sony's consoles dominated most of our extracurricular gaming time. The N64 just didn't have any compelling multiplayer games that appealed to a group of teenage boys seeking semi-violent gameplay. That is until Goldeneye was quietly released on the system.

Even back then, video games based on movies were usually something to be feared. Combine that with the sheer lack of advertising for the game and many people anticipated Goldeneye to be just another abysmal movie tie-in game. Still, some people couldn't help but to play the game, drawn to the Bond license like a moth to a flame. Upon playing the game however, players quickly realized that Goldeneye was arguably the best console first-person shooter to date. Players who were dazzled by its then cutting-edge graphics and gameplay, quickly told their friends about the game and begun to log numerous hours playing its four-player split-screen multiplayer mode. This game would eventually become a huge seller on the N64, selling almost completely by word of mouth.

Sitting around a big-screen television, thankfully owned by a friend's parents, playing four-player deathmatch Goldeneye until the sun came up was a great multiplayer experience that has yet to be duplicated, at least in my opinion. As you may have already guessed, I would really like to have a version of Goldeneye appear on either Xbox Live or the Wii's Virtual Console (VC). For the VC version, I would just like a straight port of the game with a better framerate and use of the VC's second analog stick for more precise aiming. This would be an exceptional reason to call your friends together and perhaps to purchase a larger television. If the game appeared on Xbox Live, I would expect these two upgrades as well as some updated graphics and online multiplayer. The addition of multiplayer over Xbox Live would add new level of replayability to the game that was virtually impossible when it was released. This would be the best case scenario, allowing you to rekindle old rivalries with now distant friends.

Old School Gaming article

Neither of these versions is incredibly likely to happen and yet, I refuse to uncross my fingers. Both versions will likely never pan out because of the legal issues that have arisen because of Rare being bought by Microsoft. This means that anyone who wants to make this game would have to get permission from Rare, Nintendo, Microsoft, and get the rights for the Bond license. Nintendo has pledged that they would try to get this game on the VC but I don't think that either company will allow the other to get a hold of the rights to this great game. Even though it seems grim, there may still be a glimmer of hope that Goldeneye could reemerge. There have been some recent rumors about Rare bringing a version of Viva Piñata to Nintendo's DS to help make up for the game's poor sales on the Xbox 360. While Rare must exclusively make games for Microsoft's home console, they could still attempt to revive Goldeneye on the DS. Although this may still be unlikely, I would cherish a portable remake of this great game, of course with Wi-Fi multiplayer added. I suppose all that is left are the desperate pleas of countless Goldeneye fans. Nintendo, Microsoft, Rare, anyone…please!

Old School Gaming article

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