Opposing Forces: Modern Warfare vs. Black Ops

Opposing Forces: Modern Warfare vs. Black Ops

Adam "Black Ops Is Better" Dodd:

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best Call of Duty player, so I'm all for bigger hitboxes if it means I'll have a shot at a positive kill/death ratio. Bigger hitboxes narrow the gap between the hardcore players and those of us who just like to pop in Black Ops for an hour on the weekend.

But even ignoring hitbox size, Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer just isn't balanced. Killstreaks stack in Modern Warfare, and that's a real problem. In Black Ops, if you get two kills off of an RCXD Killstreak bonus, those kills don't count toward your next Killstreak. That's the way it should be. Allowing Killstreaks to stack just further tips the balance in favor of the experts. Also has there ever been anything in a multiplayer game as overpowered as Modern Warfare 2's nuke Killstreak?

Sure, there are a few awful maps in Black Ops' arsenal; Cracked is pretty bad. However, for the most part the selection is pretty solid. As you already mentioned, Nuketown and Firing Range are excellent examples of where Treayarch truly excels at map design. Summit is another one of these examples.

The character customization has also been improved in Black Ops with new perks and weapon customization options. Black Ops also gives players the chance to create unique Playercards, allowing their personalities to shine through. Of course, this also means you'll come across a plethora of naughty Playercards. But for the most part, it's fun seeing what some players do when they have a little too much free time on their hands.

Black Ops also has a little extra in the form of Wager matches that give players the opportunity to use the money they collect to bet on games. If you perform well, you're rewarded with extra money. It can add a little more motivation to do well in a game when your money's on the line.

If you want to play with friends without getting harassed by strangers online, then Combat Training is a fantastic new mode. You can play with your friends and, if you want, a handful of bots can also be thrown into the mix. It's also a great way to test out all the weapons and equipment without having to rely on trial and error during the heat of online matches.

Oh yes, and don't forget split-screen multiplayer.

The Weekly Dish - No Planking Allowed

Round 3: Extras

Adam "Black Ops is Better" Dodd:

This is one area where Black Ops rules, because when it comes to extras, Black Ops is king. I'm not sure why the Modern Warfare games haven't jumped on the extras bandwagon, but it's nice to be able to do something when you've beaten the campaign and you're sick of the multiplayer.

Without a doubt, Black Ops' biggest extra is Zombies, where you and three friends can take on the role of anyone from dead presidents to Buffy the vampire slayer, or even Freddy Kreuger. In the DLC packs, the Zombies mode has become a sort of playground for Treyarch to try new things, practically turning Zombies into its own game in and of itself. There are unique weapons, power-ups, enemies, locations, and an assortment of crazy scenarios to get caught up in.

Black Ops also includes a very clever menu, which has your character strapped to a chair. You can actually look around in first-person on the menu, and if you play around a little bit, you can break out of your char and walk around. To make this even cooler, there is a computer terminal that is absolutely jam-packed with Easter Eggs and things to keep you occupied for hours on end.

Josh "Modern Warefare 2 Rules" Engen:

Unfortunately, Black Ops easily wins this round. In my opinion, split-screen is something that should have been included in every CoD title, and the Zombies maps have an incredible replay value. MW2 has nothing that even compares.

The final word:

Who do you think won this debate? Let us know in the comments section, and give us your own opinion on which Call of Duty you think is better.

By Adam Dodd & Josh Engen
CCC Contributing Writers

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