Video Game Foresight - Power Glove 2

Video Game Foresight - Power Glove 2

PlayStation Network created PSOne Classics, their own download service for PSOne games. Many of these are considered among the greatest video games of all-time, Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid included.

There is clearly a market for vintage games these days.

Now here is an interesting thing to consider: Nintendo has a very obvious hand in these gaming trends.

Video Game Foresight - Power Glove 2

No one can deny that Nintendo was first by a long shot to popularize motion gaming. The Wii beat the Xbox 360 and PS3 by years. And while hackers have been using homebrew applications to bring their favorite classic games to their PCs and handheld devices, Nintendo was the first to offer a download distribution system that legitimatized the re-visiting of classic titles on present day consoles. Nintendo's Virtual Console arrived a good six months before PlayStation Network's PSOne Classics.

(We could look back even further, and say that Sony was the first to introduce backward-compatibility with the PS2, even before Nintendo's Game Boy Advance offered compatibility with standard Game Boy titles. But it was Nintendo that first made a download service for its older games to re-sell them in digital form. Of course, the real winners to the backward-compatibility race are the hackers who were building emulators for classic games as early as the 1990s, but we'll ignore them for now as we keep our focus purely on legal console-based options.)

I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but I'm starting to smell something a little fishy going on at Nintendo. Isn't it a little bit suspicious that both gaming trends that would make a triumphant return of the Power Glove feasible are largely influenced by the company that released the original Power Glove in the first place?

I think the masterminds at Nintendo are working on an extremely complex marketing plot to bring this piece of hardware back to life. Following the return of Mario to his 2D roots, the return of Donkey Kong Country, and the return of Kirby to the traditional "eat-'em-up" gameplay style of its predecessors, here comes the next step in Nintendo's "return of" marketing plan: "The Return of the Power Glove."

Video Game Foresight - Power Glove 2

With modern technology, there are some insanely cool things that could be done with such a device. For example, Wii Sports would step up the immersion factor by yet another notch. Or you could take on the role of a mage in an action RPG and hurl fireballs by making throwing motions with your hands. Even better, Force-throwing objects (and stormtroopers) in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed would be incredible. As you can see, the possibilities are exciting.

My prediction: the Power Glove 2 is on its way, and it's going to be awesome.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Freelance Writer

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