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Accessorize! Product Reviews

Accessorize! Product Reviews

December 15, 2008 - Recently, Cheat Code Central received a bunch of accessories from companies such as Logitech, ezGear, Sony, Nyko, Ion, and more. We put these goodies to the test! The accessories shipped to us included a Wii Sports Pack and Sparring Gloves, a force feedback Wii driving wheel, a wireless guitar for Sony consoles and light-up drumsticks, the official Sony Bluetooth headset, a bevy of Nyko products, and an amazing drum kit for Rock Band 2.

Sony Bluetooth Headset for PS3

The official Sony Bluetooth Headset is an excellent piece of hardware. Of course, it sinks up easily to your PS3 both through Bluetooth or USB cable, and the comfortable, simple design makes it easy for online chatting; just in time for Home's open beta!

Everything about this headset exudes quality. The sound that comes through is clear, without a hint of distortion. Likewise, the dual-microphones not only accurately register what you're saying but also help to cancel out extraneous noises in the environment. Additionally, the headset's vital statistics are easily accessed, letting you know what your connection status is, the battery's charge level, and volume level. If you need to make a comment outside of the game, the large mute button is conveniently located on the side of the earpiece. Finally, an included charge base ensures the headset will always be ready to rock. It takes about three hours for the earpiece to fully charge, will last for nearly eight hours of conversation, and is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices. The only major drawback is that the USB cable included is very short. This is fine if you're charging through the PS3, but, of course, the PS3 has to be turned on. Consequently, if you are charging from another source, especially via the new Sony A/C dual-charging adapter, the charge base will hang from the outlet and the headset won't remain seated correctly.

MSRP: $49.99 (SOCOM: Confrontation + Headset bundle - $59.99)

Score: 4.4

Accessorize! Product Reviews

ION Drum Rocker

The Ion Drum Rocker is a premiere drum accessory made specifically for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Perhaps it's a bit pricey, but it's well worth the price for drumming enthusiasts. Truly solid construction, customizable layout, and future-proof setup are some of its best features. Read the full review HERE!

MSRP: $299.99 for both models

Score: 4.8

Accessorize! Product Reviews

The Ant Commandos (TAC) Widow Maker Bass Guitar Controller

TAC's Widow Maker base is made of sturdy plastic and has a few nice features. Perhaps the most important of all is that the guitar is compatible with all versions of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Rock Revolution for both the PS2 and PS3. This is done simply by adjusting a switch on the USB receiver. Also, we really liked the recessed start button; the game only pauses when you want it to. And the TickleTilt Sensor worked surprisingly well; activating star power is a breeze.

Unfortunately, both sets of fret buttons are sticky and unresponsive. While we didn't have many problems using the guitar on lower difficulties, it became impossible to get long note combos on Hard and Expert. Also, the flimsy string tuners are meant to add realism, but they just make the guitar look cheap. Other features, such as the 360FLY Clip, which allows you to spin the guitar like ZZ Top, are novel but rather useless.

MSRP: $69.99

Score: 2.8

Accessorize! Product Reviews

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