Propaganda in Video Games

Propaganda in Video Games

Some Middle Easterners enjoy games in which white Westerners are the target. And by that I mean they're killing us for fun. But our side is responsible for a game called Muslim Massacre, (the title says it all). Is it really all just in fun? Where do we draw the line between freedom of expression and hate crimes? Having it banned by the government is not going to solve anything. Suppress a game and it's going to be more popular than if it ran its course. Ignore it and it will go away. To give it attention gives it power, and ignorant people can be influenced by power. And there are a lot of ignorant people in this world.

Suppress an entire population and you can influence their beliefs. And that's when things become dangerous.

In the Free World, we are tolerant. You can mock religions and government officials. In other countries, you can be put to death for such innocuous insurrection.

Propaganda in Video Games

Case in point is author Salman Rushdie, who wrote a book entitled The Satanic Verses portraying Islamic Fundamentalists in a negative light. This resulted in a Fatwa being issued for his death. Since he's still alive some twenty-three years later, a video game is now being produced to target younger zealots and encourage them to continue the Fatwa against Rushdie. The game intends to educate the youth about the sins Rushdie committed against their religion, and the consequences he should face as a result. This game is called 'Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict,' and could be the very first video game responsible for a murder.

I remember a time when video games were located in the toy department.

Cole Smith
Contributing Writer
Date: July 6, 2012

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