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Racing to Family Fun!

Racing to Family Fun! article

These couple starter family games are great for young children, but what about older children? Well, the automotive genre has a veritable wealth of games targeted at older gamers, and even those who consider themselves to be hardcore gamers. And while these games may be a little bit more challenging, they are nonetheless great options for families to play together. However, because most of these titles are online enabled, it is important for families to have a discussion about etiquette online and ďtrash talkingĒ users that they might encounter while online. Unfortunately the gaming world isnít perfect, and there are undesirable situations which may occur. But if families have the right tools and are equipped to deal with these situations when they occur, then it really adds to the fun spirit of these more advanced automotive games.


One name that may sound familiar to families who enjoy automotive games is Gran Turismo. This series has been a staple in the automotive genre for ten years and is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. This franchise sports sleek visuals and complex controls that will bring out the inner automobile aficionado in just about anyone. The newer Gran Turismo titles also feature online play and several options for multiplayer modes. Teens will love all the different cars they can choose from in the Gran Turismo series, as well as the complex controls and the multitude of modes. Parents will like the realistic experience, as well as the different multiplayer modes that enable all sorts of family competition.

Racing to Family Fun! article

Another more advanced game in the automotive genre that has been attracting fans for quite some time is the Burnout franchise. This may sound a little horrifying, but the Burnout franchise is all about crashing cars. Of course there is a racing element to it, but the game is based around a point structure that awards you for crashing into other cars, making them run off the road, driving on the wrong side of the road, basically anything your driving teacher told you not to do is rewarded in Burnout. The real fun with this game comes in the various ways that families can trounce the competition. Burnout really affords the gamer some creativity in the various ways that they find to destroy other cars. Teens will enjoy crashing into other cars and the sharp competition that occurs as a result. Parents may also enjoy the thick competition that is engendered by the Burnout franchise, as well as the possibility of crashing cars. I donít think age matters when youíre playing out the types of scenarios that are possible in Burnout. Itís just good fun.

The granddaddy of all automotive games, however, has yet to be mentioned. Forza Motorsports has been the industry leader as far as advanced simulation games are concerned. The Forza franchise is very popular with automotive aficionados because itís ultra-sensitive and extremely realistic. And the remarkable thing about Forza is, as sensitive and realistic as its controls are, they donít take that much to pick up. Although it may take a long time to master, Forzaís control scheme is the real centerpiece of the game and can end up being as addictive as it is challenging. Multiplayer modes are pretty varied here, but almost always involve driving with extreme precision. Families who play this game together will probably enjoy the difficulty of the game and may find any excuse to get in some practice time.

Racing to Family Fun! article

Ultimately, family gaming is a great way to bring families together. And while there are some genres that are not easy to play in a familial setting, the automotive genre is a great family-friendly genre. And the great thing about the Automotive genre is that it possesses a wealth of game that can appeal to young children all the way up to hardcore gamers. So somewhere in this vast array of games, Iím almost certain that there will be one title that will grab the attention of your family and make its way into a fun experience for all.

By Amanda Kondolojy
CCC Freelance Writer

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