Weekly Rant - Violence Ban Banned

Weekly Rant - Violence Ban Banned

The Supreme Court has recently ruled that it's unconstitutional to enforce a ban on the sale of violent video games to minors. Spearheading the ban is none other than California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the guy that starred in The Terminator, Predator, and numerous other violent—and awful—movies.

Is it possible that Arnold is repenting for his former sins? Did he see the evil of his ways? The ways that made him so famous that an Austrian-born bodybuilder with no acting talent was eventually elected into an American political office? It seems this dude did alright with his exploitation of violence, virtually killing his way to the top.

Weekly Rant - Violence Ban Banned

Don't get me wrong. I am not about gratuitous violence. But I know the difference between fantasy and reality. What I am concerned about is censorship. Just at what point would a game be determined too violent for minors? A specific number of kills? Too much blood? The grizzly manner in which they are killed? Well it appears to be the manner in which they are killed, according to those looking to outlaw such games. Manhunt was singled out as an example. It involves a crazed psychopath that inhumanely tortures victims before killing them. Hey, I've sat through Schwarzenegger's Hercules, and unfortunately nobody killed me afterward. I will have to live with witnessing that for the rest of my life.

In the fifties, the Canadian government decided they had to do something to curb the alarming increase in underage crime, so they targeted comic books. They not only banned violent comic books, but actually made it a Federal crime to sell these comics to minors. The only reason they didn't target video games is because they weren't invented. Remember, I said in the fifties, or weren't you paying attention? Keep in mind those violent kids of the fifties are now your grandparents.

If the government bans anything, kids will do anything to get it, and they'll get it come Hell or high water. That's human nature. So that's just not going to work. So I'm glad the Supreme Court showed some balls and intelligence in this decision. It's simply up to the parents to determine what their kids can and cannot posses. Or better yet, teach them the difference between fantasy and reality and let them have at it. These games, comics, movies, or violent lyrics will not turn an average kid into a homicidal sociopath. Not any more than watching Oprah will turn you into an obnoxious condescending know-it-all. But kids with a propensity for violence will be attracted to such outlets. And when they get caught doing something bad, everyone looks for an excuse for their deviant behavior, including their parents who are usually the cause in the first place.

Weekly Rant - Violence Ban Banned

So remember, kids, when your parents prohibit you from playing über-violent video games, remember the Supreme Court ruled in your favor. Your parents are violating your constitutional rights. You can attempt to settle things in court.

Of course, there's always that axe in the garage…

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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