Resident Evil 6 Debut Trailer Analysis

Resident Evil 6 Debut Trailer Analysis

The Final Montage

We then cut to a montage showing scenes from all three characters. We see some sort of Uroboros-like virus taking over one of the BSAA agents. We see Chris going to town with his flamethrower again, before sliding into cover where a Las Plagas-type enemy reaches over to attack him. We see a scene with Chris at a computer looking up different zombie types. He seems upset about something, and his subordinates seem think this is part of Chris's personal vendetta. What could that vendetta be?

We also get to see some new tech in these scenes. Someone throws a grenade filled with what appears to be needles. Perhaps this is how the zombie virus was spread. We get to see a prisoner explode from the inside out, most likely due to a zombie infection. We also get to see Chris fighting a huge tentacled beast that looks somewhat similar to the possible Nemesis that was chasing our other nameless protagonists. Later on in the trailer we get to see Chris elbow a strange masked man in the face. He appears to be armed to the teeth, with a machine gun and a bullet belt strapped to his chest. Perhaps Chris will end up fighting the humans that caused this bioweapon outbreak.

Resident Evil 6 Debut Trailer Analysis

Switching back to Leon and Helena, we see them battling more traditional zombies in the middle of the burning city of Tall Oaks. Leon now appears to be able to shoot during context-sensitive commands as well. We see a zombie attempt to attack him, and in response he slides on the ground, shooting along the way.

We get to see the nemesis monster jump on someone who doesn't appear to be buzz cut guy, Leon Kennedy facing down a zombie in a sweater (perhaps the President?), a group of survivors running down a tunnel (presumably the same tunnels we saw early in the trailer) being chased by something (presumably the Nemesis creature) and more. After that, it's all about the bosses. We see some sort of Las Plagas boss with a huge exploding head, some sort of giant snake crawling down a hallway at Chris's team, an El Gigante that stands taller than a building, with a hand that is bigger than Chris's body. The final scene in the trailer shows Leon and Helena falling in midair in the middle of a train car.



What does this all mean?

Well, someone out there doesn't want the truth about bio-organic weapons to be known, and that someone is linked to Helena Harper in some way. This someone appears to have a full organization that is causing bioweapon outbreaks all over the world.

Leon was with the President when he was turned, and thus finds himself needing to escape the town of Tall Oaks in true survival horror style. He seems to play in Resident Evil 4/5-style, with a laser aim and a behind-the-shoulder view while shooting.

Resident Evil 6 Debut Trailer Analysis

Chris seems to play in an action/shooter style, and seems to be more concerned with safely evacuating sites of a terrorist attack. He has elements of squad-based combat and cover-based shooting spread throughout his scenes.

Our nameless protagonists seem to mostly be surviving, not attacking back, and they seem to be on the run from a gigantic Nemesis-type monster that Chris might eventually have to fight. Their gam

eplay is primarily partner-based, and what combat they do experience is entirely hand-to-hand.

Chris and Leon seem to be linked via Helena and her supposed hand in these bio-weapon outbreaks, while Leon and our new protagonist may be linked through Ashley. The game will take all of our protagonists around the world in an attempt to find who is causing these outbreaks and possibly cure said outbreaks with our nameless protagonist's blood.

Resident Evil 6 is expected to hit shelves on November 20, 2012.

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Contributing Writer
Date: January 20, 2012

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