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Sam and Max, comic and game heroes

The History of Sam and Max article

In 1987, Steve Purcell unleashed something upon the comic book industry that can only be described as one thing - instant cult classic. Now, adult centric comics were nothing new at the time, nor are they currently. The thing about what he created was not that it almost instantly became an independent cult comic classic, but that it also became a PC game cult classic. In case you were wondering, the characters he created are a dog and a rabbit named Sam and Max.

The History of Sam and Max article

The duo are private investigators, though they prefer to be called freelance police. They also reside and work in the great city of New York. Just because they live in New York does not mean that they are stuck in New York for their adventures. In fact, they have traveled to New Orleans, ancient Egypt, the Philippines, and even the Moon. They reached the Moon using their near indestructible 1960 black and white DeSoto Adventurer by stuffing thousands and thousands of matches into the muffler before setting out on their adventure. In most cases, Max drives the DeSoto despite the fact he cannot see above the dashboard.

Sam, the anthropomorphic dog, is usually the laid-back brains of the duo. He wears a suit and a hat, much like those you used to see in classic private investigator movies. Usually, he tryes to use logic to figure out a solution to the current situation he and his partner are often in. Sam is also prone to being long winded when he opens his mouth. Elaborating with the current buzzwords, Sam might remind some people of a certain silent counterpart of a rather loud mouth hetero-life-mate named Silent Bob. That is not to say that Sam is often silent through out their adventures, quite the opposite actually, but when he talks, it is at such a great length. Sam also rarely loses his temper, except when given the pink belly which are repeated smacks to the belly until it is pink. He always reacts to a situation that is panic inducing with such calm. However, with a sweet tooth like Sam's, it is a miracle that he can do anything calmly. On several occasions, Sam can be spotted munching on a popsicle, ice cream, or other tasty treat.

The History of Sam and Max article

Max, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Max is a hyperkinetic rabbity thing often shown displaying his razor sharp teeth through half-smiles; Max, however, prefers to be called a lagomorph. He is a loud mouth that loves trouble in every sense of the word. His mouth is constantly spouting out demands to Sam. Specifically, he asks him to not use certain words like "ensue" and "acumen," mainly because he dislike long stories, anecdotes, or the long winded speeches Sam tends to deliver ad nauseam.

In fact, Max likes to blow things up. When he can't blow things up, he wants to shoot something. Max is constantly trying to find ways to use violence to solve their situation. He does share Sam's enthusiasm when they are on the case, but usually is more empathic when it involves a lot of mindless carnage. Max has been seen touting around a larger than life Luger, a pistol used by the Germans in World War I and II. It is unknown as to where Max draws his weapons since he is completely naked, as most rabbits are. When his partner Sam asks him where he keeps his weapons, he kindly responds "None of your business." Of course Max is more colorful and descriptive in his presentation, but hey, this is a family site.

The History of Sam and Max article

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