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Sam and Max, comic and game heroes

The History of Sam and Max article

The cast of great characters do not just stop at Sam and Max either; some of their missions come from a person only known as The Commissioner. Interacting with the duo through telephone usually causes the two to get into a brawl over who answers the phone, which Sam usually wins. The Commissioner is never seen and only interacts with them through the phone. The Freelance Police gig does not come without competition. Flint Paper is one the biggest, mainly because he resides next door to Sam and Max. Flint's tactics for his work are mainly reliant on pummeling and, thus far, it appears that Flint is indestructible. Then there is Bosco, the severely paranoid and conspiratorial thinking owner of Bosco's Inconvenience store. As you might have guessed, his prices are higher than they would be elsewhere. Bosco is also the one responsible for revealing the full names of our favorite freelance police, Samuel and Maximillian.

The History of Sam and Max article

The comics are laced in the dark surreal humor that over the years has become a staple in cult phenomenon. While most of the comics were collected in a compilation called The Collected Sam and Max: Surfin' the Highway in 1995, the series went through several title changes and different publishers. Furthermore, the two are probably least known for their comics and more known for their 1993 PC game from LucasArts titled Sam and Max: Hit the Road. However, the two were already appearing in several cameos of other LucasArts games, since Purcell was working at LucasArts. As I said earlier, the game has become something of a gem in the PC market. In August of 2002, LucasArts stated that sequel to the game, Sam and Max Freelance Police, was in the works and would be released in the first quarter of 2004. Unfortunately, in March of 2004, the game was cancelled and the future of the cult icons remained uncertain.

Then, in September 2005, a young company by the name of Telltale Games shown a light over the long absent characters. The company was mainly comprised of former members of the creative staff at LucasArts. It seemed only natural that they would be the ones to breathe new life into the adult centric characters with the help from the creator, Steve Purcell himself. Sam and Max are now being released via episodic content through Gametap. The first in the Season One series, Culture Shock, was first released October 17, 2006. Not a fan of Gametap? Then you can go right to the source of Sam and Max at the Telltale website. There you can buy each episode or download demos versions that are currently available. There will be six episodes for the first season, and currently on the site they have four of the episodes available. The fifth episode will arrive on the site on April 12. Now would be a great time to jump into the imaginative hilarious world of Sam and Max. Moreover, the downloads are cheap so you will not have to spend loads of cash to enjoy a few hours of hilarity. Since December 2005, Sam and Max have also returned to their comic roots, also on the Telltale site. The strips are once more the brainchild of Steve Purcell who still captures the beauty behind the comic series each and every time.

The History of Sam and Max article

Sam and Max have been underground icons, in the truest sense of the word, for 20 years. Finally, with the collaboration of Telltale and Purcell, it certainly does not appear that they will be venturing off the radar anytime soon. If you are looking for a title that mixes a mesmerizing blend of adventure and tongue in cheek humor, look no further. Either visit Gametap or Telltales' website and begin your madcap adventures with two of the best freelance police officers.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Freelance Writer

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