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Sony copies again!

Sony copies again! article

At a special press conference called this morning, Sony unveiled what they are certain will be the next wave of player-game interaction. The Mi-Chuck 360. The announcement has sparked controversy all across the map. We at CCC wanted to bring the information on the new innovative controller to you first.

The Mi-Chuck 360 will work for your PS3 very reminiscent to the way the Wii-mote and Nunchuk work on the Wii, but with several differences. Instead of holding a remote, the player with have to wear special wireless bracelets and anklets. Each device will be approximately six inches long and will be fitted using a metal clamp. Your whole body will play a factor in the games to come. The player will use their legs to make their character walk and their arms and hands to swing weapons and their fists. When Sony was asked about the FPS shooters and other games that use firearms as weapons, Sony said that there will be peripherals available in unison with the launch of the Mi-Chuck 360.

There were several other questions that were asked, but Sony continued on with their presentation. It was further revealed that the Mi-Chuck 360 will introduce a new rumble feature called electro-rumble. Electro-rumble will emit small electric shocks to the player when they are struck on the arms or legs. The shocks will also occur if the player has run too long in the game, simulating the shin splints people get when they run too long. This way, the player is immersed completely into the game. The spokesperson for Sony noticed the concerned looks on individual faces and proceeded on with the press conference. The Mi-Chuck 360 will come pre-packaged with a sensor sheet that is clear and will fit snuggly onto the screen of your television. Sony assures that the filmy sheet will pull off your television with little to no damage to your TV.

Sony copies again! article

Sony then shifted gears and went straight to the peripherals that will attach to the Mi-Chuck 360. An employee of Sony came out from behind the curtain to show that they were wearing the gauntlets. Then with each new attachment announced, including - Mi-Headchuck, Mi-Chestchuck, and the Mi-Cupchuck. There were several others that were mentioned and attached to the employee. By the time the attaching was done, which took around 30 minutes, the employee looked like Master Chief from the Halo series. After several minutes of the Sony spokesperson gloating about the innovation, the employee started bouncing up and down. When the Sony spokesperson asked them what was wrong, through muffled voice we could hear that they needed to go to the bathroom. This reminded us a very valuable lesson that we have been taught since we were kids: always go to the bathroom before you play.

No doubt that this exciting peripheral release will result in many new and innovative games that will hopefully be coming soon. When asked what titles would utilize these new peripherals, the Sony executive leading the press conference looked a bit nervous, but quickly regained his composure. "None at the moment - but we are hoping that someone, anyone, will develop something before the holiday season this year." As soon as games or any other news related to this stunningly awesome advancement in gaming are announced, you can be sure that CCC will be the first and only to report.

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