Sony's E3 Press Conference 2012

Sony's E3 Press Conference 2012

But non-Vita owners shouldn't feel left out. The AC crew showed off a brand new naval battle sequence that featured several 18th century warships destroying one another with cannon fire. You arrogantly watch as your cannons shred through enemy vessels, but the arrogance quickly fades and nervousness sets in when your own deck glows red from the heat of enemy cannon fire.

Sony plans to release both Assassin's Creed titles on October 30th, and fans who many want to play the Vita title, but don't own the console just yet may want to hold out. Assassin's Creed: Liberation will be available in a bundle that features an exclusive Crystal White WiFi Vita.

Last year, FarCry 3 was a major talking point at the Sony conference. However, for the last twelve months, Ubisoft has been keeping a secret; they've actually been developing two FarCry games simultaneously. We've all seen screenshots of the open world single player campaign that was discussed last year, but Sony showed off a four-player co-op campaign that is entirely separate from the main storyline. We're not talking about those individual Spec Ops missions that Call of Duty touts as a co-op component either. This is an entire campaign that can handle up to four players. Plus, if that's not enough to scratch your FarCry itch, you can fire up the map editor and create your own FarCry maps.

Next Sony brought Andy House onto the stage to talk about Sony's plans for motion gaming over the next twelve months. But what followed was a surprise that Sony themselves didn't think they'd be able to keep secret; a new peripheral called the Wonderbook.

Sony's E3 Press Conference 2012

The Wonderbook is an augmented reality peripheral that is a "Revinvention of the storybook" according to Dave Randell. They showed it off with the help of a title called Wonderbook: Book of Spells, which is a partnership with JK Rawling and Pottermore.

The demonstration was a little awkward, and the hardware wasn't always responsive, but the fact that it's in development means that Sony is starting to elbow their way into Nintendo's territory. Obviously it will focus heavily on educational material, but we'll see what the developers come up with once we get closer to the release date.

Sony has been working with JK Rawling is announcing Wonderbook: Book of Spells. A partnership with JK Rawling and Pottermore. Cast spells with the PlayStation move as a magic wand.

After the small fiasco with the Wonderbook, we got a look at Sony's plans for portable tablets and phones. Apparently, they've been working with developers to churn out PlayStation licensed titles for Android devices. HTC is partnering with Sony on the project, but there was a skeptical level of enthusiasm from the audience, probably because most of the attendees had iPhones.

As expected, attendees got a chance to check out God of War: Ascension. Before the title even appeared on the screen the entire audience was applauding. Of course, we'd all seen the trailer, so they didn't even bother with that. They just launched directly into the gameplay.

The gameplay is everything that you could have ever imagined. Fast-paced, incredibly violent, and I assume there's nudity, but they didn't actually show any. It's the kind of button-mashing God of War experience that fans have been waiting around for since 2010.

Plus, you'll all be relived to hear that there was a sea monster involved. I know I was happy when I saw it. The crowd cheered when the monster got his head halved by Kratos' blade revealing a gelatinous brain. I think we can all agree that sea monster brains are awesome. Though, fans will have to wait until March 12th, 2013 to get their hands on the title.

Sony's E3 Press Conference 2012

And, just to put an exclamation point on the presentation, Sony showed off a bit of gameplay from The Last Of Us. Fans have been waiting for this video for a very long time, and they finally got it today. The lead character, Joel, strikes me as a bit like Nathan Drake, 20 years older and with a drinking problem. He's escorting his sidekick Ellie, a seemingly defenseless girl, through an enemy-infested building. The crowd went wild when she clocked an enemy in the face with a brick.

Without a console release, this year's conference definitely didn't have the same level of hysteria as 2011, but Sony's plans for the next twelve months are more than enough to keep the gamers excited. After all, we really don't need Sony to usher out brand new consoles every year; we need them to make great games. And there are plenty of great games hitting Sony consoles this year.

We all knew that no new console was being rolled out. However, we did get a look as some of Sony's grand plans for the year, and the next twelve months are shaping up to be pretty interesting for Sony fans.

Josh Engen
Contributing Writer
Date: June 5, 2012

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