Top 10 Games That Need To Be Movies

Top 10 Games That Need To Be Movies

Film and video games have come together in the past with very little success. From the horrors of the Super Mario Bros. film to the utter joy of the FPS sequence in Doom; filmmakers get too ambitious when trying to adapt their favorite games into movies. And while I'm no blockbuster movie director, I put together a list of the top ten video games that should be movies!

Twisted Metal
10. Twisted Metal

It's surprising that Twisted Metal hasn't already been turned into a film. Between the tricked-out death machines and the psychotic characteristics of Sweet Tooth, Twisted Metal should be right up Uwe Bol's alley. Thankfully, Bol has yet to bastardize the franchise. A movie version of Twisted Metal would be a fun action-adventure romp that could challenge films like Death Race on the border of B-Movie history.

Punch Out!!
9. Punch Out!!

Following the journey of Little Mac and his mentor Doc Louis has the potential to be a fun sports film. Punch Out!! could feature a nod to the Rocky movies with a rocking 80's metal montage, and we already have someone for the leading role: Paul "Paulie" Malignaggi; who previously portrayed Little Mac in the real life commercials for Punch Out!! on the Wii.

The game features a unique cast of opponents for Little Mac as he progresses through the ranks to obtain the World Title. Realizing these characters in real life could create a sort of slapstick boxing film, and feature some fight sequences likes Popeye vs. Bluto in the Popeye movie from the 80's.

Naturally, Little Mac's final bout would be against Mr. Dream since Nintendo dropped Mike Tyson in the 80's due to some "image" issues. And continuing with the nods to the past, it would be awesome to have Tyson appear in a cameo during the Punch Out!! movie, maybe even re-imagined as the role of Doc Louis?

Fatal Frame
8. Fatal Frame

Silent Hill was easily one of the best videogame-related movies ever made, even if it wasn't directly connected to the game. The first Resident Evil wasn't too shabby, until Paul W.S. Anderson quickly took that series off the rails. In other words, when it comes to video game movies, horror works.

Fatal Frame has the perfect premise for a scary movie. A small, defenseless Japanese girl roaming a haunted house searching for her lost brother and chasing after her twin sister as she becomes more and more possessed; and the only way she can see the ghosts that are haunting her is by looking through the Camera Obscura. Holy... Creepy... Hell...

7. Bioshock

Bioshock would probably end up being more interesting than scary or action-oriented. Regardless, when Bioshock first broke onto the scene, the game was praised for its setting in the 1940's underwater utopia of Rapture. Big Daddys in crazy diver gear protecting demonic little girls makes Bioshock perfect for the silver screen.

On top of that, the game could be absolutely amazing visually! With all the different weapons that Jack has at his disposal, and the different combinations and traps Jack can set wit, these weapons, there could be some pretty interesting on-screen deaths.

6. Castlevania

While currently touted as "in-development," very little has surfaced on the Castlevania movie front. The Castlevania series has such a deep and rich mythos that there is much source material to pull from, but a Castlevania movie wouldn't be proper if it didn't start from the beginning with Simon Belmont.

And who doesn't love vampire movies? It would be refreshing for the movie industry to have a proper vampire movie, one that we haven't seen since the days of Bram Stroker's Dracula or Interview With A Vampire. We don't need more of this stupid Twlight junk or fourteen more Lost Boys sequels featuring the Frog Brothers.

With that, the movie would been seen from Belmont's perspective, having to ravage through hordes of monsters to get to Dracula. When was the last time we saw a vampire movie from the hunter's perspective? Exactly. A franchise could easily be made following the history of the Belmont family as they strive to fight vampires and monsters.