Top 10 Games That Need To Be Movies

Top 10 Games That Need To Be Movies

Mirror’s Edge
5. Mirror’s Edge

What a perfect setting for an action-adventure film. The story in Mirror's Edge wasn't exactly rock solid, but there is definitely potential. If some people are skeptical about a movie revolving around free-running I suggest you check out a French film called District B13 (or Banlieue 13 in French); it's an exceptional movie that offers little in the way of a plot but has amazing action centering free-running.

EA made it clear that they're interested in pursuing more on Mirror's Edge, and what better way than following Faith on her high-flying parkour adventures, fighting Project Icarus, and saving her sister.

Metal Gear Solid
4. Metal Gear Solid

Unfortunately, a film adaptation for Metal Gear has been in the works since 2006 and in 2010 was put on hiatus indefinitely. Yet we are looking forward to when the film finally arrives. This series has a gruff bad-ass leading man saving the world from crazy terrorists armed with advanced weaponry! The Metal Gear Solid film could be on par with The Bourne Identity.

With a Metal Gear movie, where do you start? Metal Gear Solid was technically the "start of it all," while Metal Gear was our first adventure with Solid Snake. I say you play it safe and start off at Metal Gear Solid, and should the movie do well, you can continue on with Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots.

3. Bayonetta

This one is obviously for the fellas, and could easily fall under sexploitation. A sexy leading lady in tight leather, who's incredibly flexible and has a special move that pretty much gets her naked? What's not to love, right?

The game itself also featured some very awesome visuals, and following the visual success of Scott Pilgrim VS. The World, Bayonetta could be a pretty unique film. Oh, and did I mention the guns and tight leather?

2. Metroid

There haven't been many science fiction movies released lately. And who better to bring sci-fi out of the ashes than an alien-slaughtering female bounty hunter? Yup, Samus Aran!

Metroid could be a sort of Pirates of the Caribbean of space; after all, Samus does face off against space pirates in the first Metroid game. It would probably be difficult to turn Metroid into a full-fledged film series, but one could easily mash a couple of the games together to form a strong storyline.

The Legend of Zelda
1. The Legend of Zelda

Ever since we were all fooled with a false Legend of Zelda trailer, gamers across the board have been craving a film featuring Link and his dear Princess. Chock full of unique enemies and fantasy-like bosses, a Zelda film could hold up pretty well on the big screen. The Zelda mythos is so deep that any prospective screenwriter has plenty of source material to choose from.

Link can spand the lands of Hyrule in search of the pieces of the Triforce in order to ultimately defeat Ganondorf and save Princess Zelda. With the fantasy setting, the films could be be titled "The Adventures of Link: The Legend of Zelda" and split into three parts; ala Lord of the Rings.

While this list isn't the de facto list of video game movie remakes, I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to some honorable mentions such as: Halo, Red Dead, Shenmue, Dino Crisis (yea, shooting dinosaurs with bazookas = awesome!).

By Devin DiNardo
CCC Freelance Writer

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