Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Video games can stir many emotions in players, from the jubilation felt after defeating a final boss to the frustration of reaching a point that seems impossible to pass. Few feelings in gaming are better than the excitement that comes with getting to use some type of bad-ass weaponry to slay your foes. Whether it's a standard-issue piece of equipment available from the start, or a gun so large and powerful that it can clear an entire room with a single blast, these ten weapons are the best of the best.

AWP  (Counter-Strike)
10. AWP

I will probably get some flak for this one, but love it or hate it the AWP is one of the craziest, most overpowered guns in gaming history. One shot from this massive sniper rifle to nearly any part of an exposed enemy was instant death, and combining this gun with a Desert Eagle sidearm made for a deadly soldier indeed. Although it was definitely taken advantage of by the folks who decided to run around using it as a shotgun, and even after being toned down to make the stopping power a bit more reasonable, the AWP will always be remembered as one of the greats in gaming weaponry.

Blades of Chaos (God of War series)
9. Blades of Chaos
(God of War Series)

Although this deadly weapon is a starting piece of equipment, it is no less impressive for it, and deserves to be here. Any hero can wallow through a group of enemies swinging a sword or axe to and fro, but it takes an absurd amount of coordination and dexterity to make swinging two blades connected by a chain look and feel as visceral as it does in God of War. Even if someone were to somehow sneak a gun into Kratos' world, they would have to stay at a significant distance to avoid the reach of the Blades. Whoever designed these things needs a medal, because they are sweet.

Lightsaber (any Star Wars game)
8. Lightsaber
(any Star Wars game)

The lightsaber is not just one of the best video game weapons, but one of the best weapons period. Swinging this plasma blade into a group of baddies is awesome, plain and simple. It can slice through metal, it can deflect incoming blaster fire, and it makes one of the coolest sounds I have ever heard. Not all video game weapons would translate well into other games, but I would be happy to see the lightsaber as an option in every game. Just imagine running around like crazy in COD trying to knife people, except instead of a little knife you have a lightsaber! A side note: The beam katana from No More Heroes would be an acceptable substitution for the lightsaber at this spot on the list, but I'm a Star Wars guy, so the 'saber gets the nod.

RC-P90 (GoldenEye)
7. RC-P90

GoldenEye on the N64 will go down in history as one of the best multiplayer shooters of all time, even if it doesn't hold up as well now as it did in its heyday. Although there were many great weapons in the game (Moonraker laser, anyone?) and possibly one of the worst as well (KLOBB!), the RC-P90 was the ultimate in spy weaponry, and to this day remains one of the best. With its ungodly amount of ammo (80 rounds in a clip) and solid stopping power, all a player had to do was enter the room, pull the trigger, and spray away.

Fat Man (Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas)
6. Fat Man
(Fallout 3/Fallout: New Vegas)

Not much has to be said about this one. It is a shoulder-mounted launcher that shoots miniature nuclear warheads, and upon detonation wipes out nearly any nearby enemy, and produces a mini-mushroom cloud as a bonus. My only gripe about the Fat Man is that I didn't get to use it more often; ammo is very scarce, but nonetheless it has cemented its spot on the list. It shoots nukes!