Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Top 10 Video Game Weapons

Red Turtle Shell (Mario Kart)
5. Red Turtle Shell
(Mario Kart)

The Red Shell might not be a traditional weapon in the gun or blade sense, but in Mario Kart it was as effective as the most powerful weapons in many other games. I can't count how many times I won (or lost) due to the power of the Shell. With its lock-on capabilities and being nearly impossible to avoid, it was easily the best pick-up in any Mario Kart race and in my opinion one of the best game armaments of all time.

Gravity Gun (Half Life 2)
4. Gravity Gun
(Half Life 2)

The Gravity Gun is another non-traditional weapon in that it doesn't actually have any ammunition, but it kicks enough booty to land on the list. It has two functions: First, it can emit a blast of energy to push enemies back. And second, it can pull any object towards it to use as ammo. An explosive barrel becomes a makeshift grenade that you can propel towards an enemy, or perhaps you might choose a saw blade to hurl at the unsuspecting foe instead. The fact is that nearly anything in the environment instantly becomes a weapon when you have this gun equipped, making the player and Gordon Freeman a deadly hero indeed.

Pistol (Halo: Combat Evolved)
3. Pistol
(Halo: Combat Evolved Series)

Any Halo veteran will be able to tell you stories about the infamous pistol from the original Halo. It was a hand-cannon that could function as both a close-quarters option and an impromptu sniper weapon. It could drop lesser enemies in a single shot, and even the larger and more powerful foes would succumb to three or four well-placed rounds. Add a zoom scope and you have one of the best guns in gaming, period. Unfortunately as the series continued, the pistol was changed and lost its stopping power, and although Bungie attempted to bring the beast back, it hasn't been the same. Ah, well, we will always have the good old days.

Spread Gun (Contra)
2. Spread Gun

Back in the day when 'saved games' were not a possibility, completion of a little video game called Contra was determined by a few things: Whether or not you knew the Konami code, and how quickly you could grab (and then retain) the 'S' power-up. The Spread Gun was a bit overpowered, and if fired from the extreme left of the playfield could take out nearly any enemy, regardless of screen location (except for those tricky guys that started coming from behind you). Despite how easy it made killing the bad guys, it was necessary for success, as spamming the fire button with the Spread Gun was not only one of the coolest ways to dominate your foes but almost a requisite for beating the game without needing thirty lives.

BFG 9000 (Doom)
1. BFG 9000

I can't imagine anyone reading this being surprised to see this gun on the list, although some may question its spot at the top. Allow me to explain: There aren't a whole lot of weapons before this one (or after for that matter) that inspired such awe after firing for the first time as the 'Big Effing Gun,' and it has an awesome name. Yes, there are other weapons out there that are great at clearing out groups of enemies, but none that do it with as much style as the BFG. I still remember the first time I wielded this beast, and unleashed its green goodness into a room full of demons which were promptly decimated. Good times my friends, good times indeed.

There are a couple weapons that I think deserve an honorable mention: the Hammer of Dawn from the Gears of War series, and the Energy Sword from the Halo series. Both are bad-ass in their own right, but I felt were just shy of the top ten. If there are any that you think deserved a spot on the list and were left out, let us know in the comments below. Happy Hunting!

By Jeremy Render
CCC Freelance Writer

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