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TGS 2007: Major Announcements!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Major Announcements! article

In response to the E3 Media and Business summit being so corporate-based, the Tokyo Game Show was not really as trade-focused as it has been in the past. There were only a few big names giving press conferences this year, and some big name companies opted out of the show altogether (I'm looking at you here, Nintendo.) But nonetheless we did get some major announcements from the show this year. Here's all the big trade announcements you need to know about:

DualShock 3

This is the biggest announcement from Sony, and yet it was the one that everyone expected. Ever since the "accidental" reveal by EA on the first day of the show, we all knew that our rumble-filled dreams were becoming reality. Now we just had to wait for the "official" word, which came in Kaz Hirai's Keynote address. But the bad news? Hirai also stated that the controller would not be hitting the US and European markets until 2008. But that bit of unfortunate news was quickly countered with the announcement that the Dualshock 3 would be compatible with older PS3 titles like Resistance: Fall of Man, which will incorporate the rumble through system updates. Guess Sixaxis was never enough...

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Major Announcements! article

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games - A Surefire Hit?

At least that's what Sega business executives are predicting anyway. The company said in a statement that they are expecting the much-anticipated crossover to sell 4 million copies. A little optimistic, some might say, but Sega has done a good job in the past of creating games with well-known characters. But then again, this is a game based on the Olympics, so who can really say? All we know at this point is that Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is set to release for both the Nintendo DS and Wii this November, so we'll see how it all pans out from there.

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Major Announcements! article

Japan Game of the Year Awards

Although it doesn't have much to do with the US sales, you have to at least admit that the Japanese know a good game when they see one. So when the Game of the Year awards were handed out, it was good to take notice. Their pick for game of the year? Well, surprisingly enough they couldn't make up their minds. The first game was a uniquely Japanese title, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, which has only enjoyed limited success in America on the PSP. However, the second game, Wii Sports, was a veritable shoo-in. But the real surprise at the awards title came when they announced the winner for the best foreign game category: Gears of War. This was especially interesting considering that the Xbox 360 has not done so well in the Japanese market. But I guess the Japanese panel knew a good game when they saw one, so kudos to them! Other games that received awards at the ceremony were Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for best sales and Dead Rising for best Japanese global product.

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Major Announcements! article

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