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TGS 08 Highlights article

This year's Tokyo Game Show was packed full of announcements from Microsoft, Sony, and more! Find out what has been announced and what you may have missed!

New Xbox Experience Dated

Ever since E3 2008, many have been wondering when the much-hyped New Xbox Experience would launch. At their TGS presser, Microsoft finally announced the worldwide release of the New Xbox Experience will be November 19th.

TGS 08 Highlights article

PSP Wi-Fi Store

Sony announced that the PSP was finally getting its own dedicated PlayStation Network store this fall. This network will feature full games for download, including games that were only released on UMD. It has also been rumored that many of the UMD releases for PSP next year will be released simultaneously through the service.

PSP Plus

Sony also revealed that the PSP-exclusive Resistance Retribution will be able to be controlled with a DualShock Controller via the new PSP Plus technology. This capability will allow you to control the game with the rumble feature as well as dual-analog control. No other titles have been announced as utilizing PSP Plus.

TGS 08 Highlights article

New Resistance "Infected" mode

Sony also announced a new mode that will be available to PS3 and PSP owners who have Resistance 2 and Resistance Retribution. The "Infected" mode will be unlocked when a PSP running Resistance: Retribution is connected via USB to a PS3 running Resistance 2. A new menu option will show up in Resistance 2, which will "Infect" Retribution's main character and give him all of Nathan Hale's extra abilities. In addition to the new abilities, the infected mode will unlock new weapons, costumes, and storyline elements.

New Castlevania Announced

A new entry in the Castlevania series was announced as being in development for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Although the game is still untitled and there were no details or gameplay footage available, a short teaser trailer was show that showed a tall figure wielding a bright red sword. Let the speculation begin!

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