The 2012 Holiday Season Might Suck For Gamers

The 2012 Holiday Season Might Suck For Gamers

I don't think you'd have much trouble finding gamers who agree with this sentiment: BioShock was once of gaming's true masterpieces. I mean, that game was great. Rapture was one of those settings that none of us will soon forget. Andrew Ryan was one of the most memorable villains of this gaming generation. The "Would you kindly?" plot twist has become iconic, as has the image of the Big Daddy and Little Sister. The philosophical undertones were brilliantly implemented, showing us some of the dangers of Randian Objectivism as well as those of religious/anti-religious fanaticism.

So when we heard that BioShock Infinite was being helmed by Ken Levine again (after his absence on BioShock 2), it was hard to not be excited. And then we started seeing trailers and gameplay footage, showing us a steampunk floating city in turmoil, and we pretty much wet ourselves in excitement.

But shortly after we collectively changed our pants, tragedy struck. BioShock Infinite was delayed into 2013. We first tried to come to terms with this. I mean, we know that this game is going to be something special. If the team needs more time to make it perfect, then by all means, we'll let them have it, right? But it's still hard to not be disappointed that we won't be seeing our holiday stockings stuffed with BioShock Infinite this year.

The 2012 Holiday Season Might Suck For Gamers

We'll be okay, though. I mean, there are several other games vying for our attention right now, enough so that the loss of BioShock won't be so bad. Remember, this year we should be getting that Tomb Raider reboot that looks pretty awesome, right?

Wrong. Tomb Raider has also been delayed into 2013. Damn. So how about that South Park RPG by Obsidian? 2013. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, that quaint little RPG animated by Studio Ghibli? 2013. The new Devil May Cry? 2013. Aliens: Colonial Marines? 2013. XCOM? Fiscal year 2014 (late 2013 at the earliest.) So 2013 is going to be an awesome year for gaming.

But 2012 isn't even half over. It's way too early to be looking forward to 2013, especially when we have a holiday season to get through. And, I mean, it's going to be hard to top the holiday season we had last year. Remember that? Battlefield 3 vs. MW3. Metal Gear Solid HD vs. Halo Anniversary. Skyrim vs. Skyward Sword. Saints Row, Rayman Origins, Minecraft. The 2011 holiday season was a great time to be a gamer, though it must have been a hard time to be a gamer's wallet.

Then again, it's not like there's nothing coming out this holiday season. We've got Borderlands 2, Halo 4, a new Assassin's Creed set in the American Colonial Period, and Black Ops 2, which pushes the Call of Duty series into the future. And we've had some great threequels already this year. I mean, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3, and Diablo III, just to name a few.

Still, I can't help but get the feeling that this year is going to be somewhat lackluster. I mean, there are some rumors going around that we might see some great games come to fruition. Some people are even expecting a late 2012 release for Grand Theft Auto V, which would keep a lot of us trying hard to stay off Santa's naughty list. (Then again, as soon as we get our hands on GTA V, we'll be shooting right to the top of that list. I don't think Santa considers bludgeoning hookers to death a "nice" activity, even in a video game.) But I think it's probably more realistic to expect GTA V to be pushed into 2013 as well. There are industry analysts who agree with me on this.

But maybe having a slow holiday season will actually be a good thing. Perhaps we can all breathe a sigh of relief and maybe spend time with our families and friends this year. It might even be nice to have a slow gaming year in between a crazy 2011 and a 2013 that looks equally insane, just so our wallets can have some time to recover.

The 2012 Holiday Season Might Suck For Gamers

My prediction: The 2012 holiday gaming season will probably be quite a bit less exciting than last year's, especially with so many of the games we were looking forward to being pushed into 2013. Still, I don't think there will be any shortage of stocking stuffers for gamers.

Also, E3 is only a few days away. I'm pretty sure we'll find something on the show floor to get excited about. Something we won't have to wait until 2013 for.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: May 31, 2012

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