Cole's Corner - The End of Morals

Cole's Corner - The End of Morals

I don't buy games to learn how to live my life. My life sucks, and that's why I escape into video games. I take offense to games that attempt to teach me morality, as though the developers feel it necessary to instill in me their life lessons. Some parents may feel a great sense of comfort knowing their kids are being taught valuable lessons in video games, but if that's an issue for you parents, you've already lost control.

I'm ragging on the games where you are rewarded or admonished for your behavior, conformed to North American moral standards. You are always forced to put something right. You're always saving someone from demons, aliens, zombies, terrorists, and smack-talking racecar drivers. Hey, that evil thing worked well enough for guys like Ganondorf, Darth Vader, and the executives of Goldman Sachs. These guys commanded empires.

Cole's Corner - The End of Morals

Before I go any further, allow me to make a distinction. There are games where it's essential that a general standard of Western morals be employed. Dora the Explorer should not be dismembering factory workers, and The Muppets should not be depicted as living off the avails of prostitution, liquor store robberies, rap music, and other lowlife pursuits. Kids need to be kids. They are innocent and impressionable. They can play the unethical games when they're ten.

Note to developers: Don't try to combine entertainment with serious messages. Look at a hymn for instance. You probably don't have many of those on your iPod. And if you have any U2 or Coldplay tunes, you probably haven't paid any attention to the meaning of the lyrics. Don't try to raise my consciousness under the guise of gaming or rock and roll. That's brainwashing. There's a time to save the rainforest, and there's a time to "Wop-Bop a Loo-Bop a Wop-Bam Boom!"

This whole morality phenomenon is the result of enormously huge egos that feel a need to, "Contribute something important to the world," as though they have a "responsibility" to educate the morally and intellectually challenged. They not only think they have the right, but they think they're right. That's dangerous to give a person that kind of power, knowing the delicate and impressionably malleable minds of gamers.

You can witness examples of this kind of pushy preaching in tons of old school crappy eighties shows such as Saved by the Bell, Full House, Alf, and the two shows I'm too disgusted (lazy) to even look up: the one with Gary Coleman in it, and the other one with Tootie. But the worst offender of all has to be Bill Cosby. That show was a church sermon disguised at a sitcom. I could be wrong, but I believe Bill Cosby started his career as a comedian.

Cole's Corner - The End of Morals

Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. It feels good to express yourself sometimes. Didn't we all learn something from this rant? Now you go on over and apologize to Mr. Gimbel and help him glue his garden gnome back together. Remember, smashing things in anger benefits no one. Channel that anger into the printed word and slowly destroy peoples' minds with your poisonously infective philosophies.

Now who wants a hot chocolate?

Cole Smith
SeniorContributing Writer
Date: March 2, 2012

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