The Future of DayZ

The Future of DayZ

But the standalone version could fix this with dedicated server and server management. If the new version of DayZ can keep track of how long a server has been up, it can navigate new players to servers with few veterans on it. In addition, this new map may allow for easier scavenging in the early days of the game. That being said, players will still probably use the suicide trick to make sure they spawn near a major city, even in the redone version.

Of course, a brand new standalone version of the game probably means more weapons as well. Considering that the new DayZ is following a very modular design philosophy (what with its underground strongholds and farming), we may see a greatly expanded ability to modify and tinker with your guns and weapons. We also may see brand new melee weapons as well, allowing people to conserve ammo when handling the undead swarm.

Dean Hall says that he doesn't plan on supporting day-one modding, but he is thinking of a console version. It's possible that he is trying to create a sort of persistent universe, like a server-based MMO with his new DayZ client. Supporting mods may make it too easy to break that persistent universe or cheat. Or perhaps he simply doesn't have the manpower and time to implement it. Any console versions that come out probably wouldn't be open to modding, though Hall has said he would have to wait to see how the PC version does before he takes any console steps.

The Future of DayZ

In the end, having your own engine means a lot more freedom when developing a game. Granted, some of our most beloved games like Counter-Strike and DotA came from mods of pre-existing games. Both of these games became much more than their original mods when they got standalone releases. DayZ will be no exception.

Angelo M. D'Argenio
Contributing Writer
Date: August 22, 2012

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