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The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next?

The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next? article

  • Madden 2006:
    Donovan McNabb - discounts the curse's effects and then falls prey to it with a sports hernia.

    The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next? article


  • Madden 2007:
    Shaun Alexander - breaks his left foot.

    The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next? article

  • Madden 2008:
    Vince Young - LaDainian Tomlinson fears the curse and passes at his chance for the cover. Vince Young steps up and injures his right quadriceps, missing his first game due to injury during his entire football career, including high school and college.

    The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next? article

    With all this eerie evidence beginning to stack up, many people think that Madden 2009's cover athlete, Brett Favre, is doomed to become yet another victim of this long-running curse. The fact that Favre is ancient (in football years) helps to further people's beliefs in his seemingly inevitable victimization. Little do many realize, Favre is a cagey old veteran with more than a few tricks left up his sleeve!

    The Madden Curse Continues: What's Next? article

    While many will point at Favre's ridiculous offseason antics - coming out of retirement and being traded to the New York Jets - as furthering the curse for yet another year, I believe it is quite the opposite. To me it seems more like Favre has begun a preemptive strike against the franchise, changing teams and jerseys right before Madden 2009 hits store shelves. Effectively reversing the curse back at the football series, Favre has forced EA to create a patch to place the QB on the Jets' roster and offer a downloadable cover that pictures him in his, now current, Jets uniform.

    Perhaps with all the issues Favre is causing for the Madden series, the curse will be too busy trying to keep up to adversely affect the historic athlete. Either way, he deserves to be commended for his attempt to end the curse and I hope he has a great, injury free season.

    By Adam Brown
    CCC Game Journalist

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