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The Simpsons Movie Review

The Simpsons Movie Review article

D'Oh! The Movie is Over... Now What?

I'll have to admit it, I fell for the tremendous marketing phenomena this movie has become; two weekends in a row I went out and bought pink donuts with sprinkles for breakfast. Does this have anything to do with the number of pink donuts I've seen all over the Internet and TV for the last few weeks? It sure does! We've known about The Simpsons movie for a few years now, but these last few weeks the marketing for the film has been pumped up at full speed, making us remember what our favorite cartoon ever is, and creating even more hype than the extremely popular Harry Potter movies.

In a way, we all knew that The Simpsons Movie would be great but probably not outstanding, compared to the cartoon we've watched every week (and some every day) for the last 20 years. Lots of things have happened to the characters, and I've often wondered what else there's to have in a Simpsons episode. The people behind this movie wanted to deliver the ultimate Simpsons experience, with high quality animations and more fun and laughter than any of the episodes we've seen. This is one of the reasons they made us wait for such a long time.

The Simpsons Movie Review article

The movie certainly starts on the right foot with Ralphie chilling out on top of the 20th Century Fox logo. That first laugh is inevitable! It continues with a very strong introduction featuring Itchi & Scratchy and its own unique opening sequence that will make you burst out laughing. It's actually nothing like the episodes; this part of the movie is a winner.

The story is, like advertised, the biggest Simpsons family adventure of all time, reminiscent of other action movies like Independence Day or Armageddon, although it has nothing to do with them. It is, however, a story of survival where Homer will play the most important role of his life, for his own good and bad. The movie will keep you smiling most of the time, and every now and then it will just crack you up. My favorite moment is when Homer befriends with a pig and plays with him as if he was the ultimate Spider-Man: "Spider-pig, spider-pig, spider-pig…" - He sings. You might have seen this on the trailers.

The Simpsons Movie Review article

Bart experiences a realization of what his life could be if he didn't have to deal with his crazy, sometimes ridiculous, and scatterbrained father. Feelings arouse all throughout the movie when our favorite TV family deals, one more time, with a family crisis. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it definitely captures the moment and touches our hearts in a way the Simpsons episodes never did.

You won't miss any of Springfield's citizens as they're all there. However, none of the characters have a really definitive role other than the five that make up the family itself. New things will be introduced for the main characters: Lisa will find out more about love, Bart seems to become more mature, Marge's patience reaches its limits, Homer is forced to grow up, and Maggie… she proves to be a smart little girl throughout the film, and there's also a surprise you shouldn't miss at the end of it. You have to watch the credits!!!

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