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The Simpsons Movie Review

The Simpsons Movie Review article

Some comments written on the script that are put on the characters' mouths might end up creating some controversy; the movie is quite political and it also "innocently" attacks a few races and points of view. It's not as naughty as a South Park episode could ever be, but it definitely adopted part of that ironic style that makes us laugh while putting some guilt on us. I'd like to take this chance and clarify that most European women DO NOT go out with unshaved legs! I have to defend my roots, don't I?


The drawings and animations truly excel compared to those of the TV series. Of course they did a great job recreating all of the characters, but the backgrounds, the great amount of details, and the smooth, high-quality animations especially stand out. You can tell that they made the extra effort and really worked hard to make it perfect.

The Simpsons Movie Review article

The soundtrack for the movie is quite excellent. The opening song itself is great, and it's performed by a very popular band I won't disclose. Original tunes embellish different parts of the movie; some are accompanied with funny lyrics that we've come to expect from The Simpsons. During the credits, you'll get to hear the newly revealed Springfield's anthem, which is none other than the French Marseillaise with new lyrics. That was great!

I can say that to a certain extent the creators of the movie did achieve their goals, although they did not exceed our expectations. When the movie ended, I just wanted more, and two days after watching the movie, I can't say I remember it more than any of the most fun episodes I've watched on television. The Simpsons set very high standards with their weekly cartoon and it's almost impossible to do anything to improve that. What could beat Hommie's muumuu, the chili contest, or grandpa loosing his dentures to a turtle after Homer's encounter with that suspicious alien that glowed in the dark?

By Maria Montoro
CCC Co-Site Director

Movie Score: 3.5 out of 4 Stars   

The Simpsons Movie Review article

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