The Top 10 Games We Want To See On The Wii U

The Top 10 Games We Want To See On The Wii U

Eternal Darkness
5. Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness was an awesomely Lovecraftian game for the GameCube that screwed with the gamer any time your "sanity" got low. You'd be forced to deal with fake deaths, fake bugs on the screen, fake endings, fake deleted save files, weirdly curving hallways, the "blue screen of death," and more. It was a great concept, but we never got a sequel. Now, with the Wii U, the whole game could take place in an insane and twisted version of reality. The only way you could see reality itself would be to look through the Wii U's tablet, but you'd only be able to see the monsters that wanted to kill you by not looking through the tablet. It could be a pretty frightening experience, to say the least.

Fatal Frame
4. Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame was a horror game in which the protagonist was plagued by invisible ghosts that wanted to murder her. She could only see these ghosts through the lens of her camera, and she could only damage them by taking their picture. Once again, this is a perfect fit for the tablet controller, its camera, and the Wii U's augmented reality capabilities. However, I don't want to see the ghosts on the TV screen; I want them to attack me from behind. With a little thought, the game could be "wet my pants" scary.

A Smash Bros. Balanced for Tournament Play
3. A Smash Bros. Balanced for Tournament Play

The Smash Bros. community loves competition. We love actually playing the game in a way that tests who has the greater skill. So when we heard that the Wii U and 3DS were going to have a new Smash Bros. game, we nearly did backflips of joy. Now, the one thing we need from this game is balance. I'm sick of this modding business and arguments about rule sets. Just choose a rule set, Nintendo, and make it balanced for both casual and hardcore gamers. I want to see the next Smash Bros. at Evo. Is that too much to ask?

An Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan-Style Rhythm Game
2. An Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan-Style Rhythm Game

The premise of Elite Beat Agents is simple: You are a group of super-secret agents who cheer people on so they succeed at their everyday tasks. The core gameplay involves touching or tapping a screen in time with a beat. In arcades and on the DS, this works just fine; at home, not so much. Now, we could finally bring this goofiness to our living rooms. Go, Elite Beat Agents! Go!

Metroid Prime 4
1. Metroid Prime 4

Without a doubt, this is the one game that we want to see on the Wii U the most. Everything about it just screams Wii U perfection. You could use the tablet to manage your inventory and suit upgrades, as well as making notes on the map. You could use the camera to look around with different visors like the Scan or X-Ray visor. You could use the classic Wiimote controller to aim with motion control. You could listen to logs and recordings on the controller's speaker. Simply put, the Wii U could deliver an absolutely awesome Metroid Prime 4, and if Nintendo doesn't capitalize on it, they are missing a huge opportunity.

By Angelo D'Argenio
CCC Contributing Writer

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