The Weekly Dish – Angry Bears

The Weekly Dish – Angry Bears

Impossible Studios features a bear with wings and a unicorn horn as its logo, which is undeniably awesome. We hope that the games that the studio produces will live up to that logo.

The Weekly Dish – Angry Bears

Microsoft Continues Playing Chicken with Points Removal

Earlier this year, a rumor circulated that Microsoft would be removing its MS Points in favor of actual currency prices on Xbox LIVE. Microsoft denies that rumor despite the fact its major competitors, Nintendo and Sony, have moved to real-currency pricing. This week, some Xbox LIVE Avatar items were briefly seen with real-money pricing, which some people interpreted as a sign that the company was starting a switchover. Microsoft, though, insists that the price changes were simply an error, and that Microsoft Points remain the company's currency of choice. That's too bad, because having prices listed in actual currency would be the consumer-friendly thing to do.

First Actual Gaming Implementation of Heart Rate Monitors?

We've been hearing about heart rate monitors as a possible gaming accessory for several years now. What I don't believe we've seen until this week is an actual gaming implementation of such monitors. Most gamers assumed that heart rate monitors would first be used in survival horror games, but Walmart-friendly hunting game developer Cabela's (and its publisher, Activision) has beat the likes of Capcom to the punch. That company's just-announced Dangerous Hunts 2013 game is compatible with a new gun peripheral called the Top Shot Fearmaster. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the Fearmaster include a heart rate monitor, allowing the player to make more accurate shots when keeping a slow, steady heart rate. Upon reflection, this development makes total sense. Bears are much scarier than zombies—just ask Stephen Colbert.

Becky Cunnigham
Contributing Writer
Date: August 10, 2012

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