The Weekly Dish – Robot Diva For The Win?

The Weekly Dish – Robot Diva For The Win?

Valve's Greenlight Now Yellow

Inspired by crowd-sourced game projects on Kickstarter, Valve recently started a program called Greenlight that allows Steam users to submit game projects. The projects that receive a lot of interest from Steam users will have the chance to be published on the service.

The Weekly Dish – Robot Diva For The Win?

Now, we all know what happens when the denizens of the Internet get a chance to gain notoriety for free. It wasn't long after Greenlight's launch when a flood of bogus Greenlight projects flooded Steam's servers. Fake entries for games like Half-Life 3 appeared alongside "games" that were no more than an excuse to make racist or sexist jokes. Valve first attempted to hand out temporary Steam bans as punishment for putting up a fake Greenlight project, but the company decided there was just too much "noise and clutter" being posted on the service.


In order to make sure that project submitters are serious from now on, submitting a project to Greenlight will cost $100. The proceeds from this fee will be donated to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity, which donates toys and games to children's hospitals. I'm now waiting for the inevitable Kickstarter project that aims to raise the $100 Greenlight submission fee for a hopeful indie developer. It will be so very apt.

Becky Cunnigham
Contributing Writer
Date: September 7, 2012

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