The Wii U: Supply, Demand, and Pokémon

The Wii U: Supply, Demand, and Pokémon

Now, I'm not going to deny the initial success of the Wii's innovative waggle-fest of a controller, or its appeal to a far broader audience than just hardcore gamers. Those were definitely factors in the Wii's early sales figures. But I also don't think it's wise to underestimate the power of rarity in a capitalistic society.

Perhaps the Wii U will be the same way. Maybe its production numbers will be small enough that it's going to be difficult for stores to keep it in stock. Game sites like Cheat Code Central will be continuously posting news stories about how rare it is, and about how it's flying off shelves, and this will make it seem so much more desirable to consumers.

So maybe it doesn't matter if the Wii U's initial customer base is kind of small. That sort of rarity could produce a hunger for the console that continues to keep sales figures high while Nintendo doesn't have to worry about filling warehouses with unsold units.

The Wii U: Supply, Demand, and Pokémon

My prediction: The Nintendo diehards will most likely be picking up Wii Us as soon as possible. But for everyone else, a super rare console might start looking pretty appealing come January, when we all have a bunch of leftover Christmas money that we want to spend on the newest console on the market. If we find the store shelves empty, it could produce a greater desire to pick up a Wii U, to call local retailers every morning to see if they have any in stock.

If Nintendo can find that precarious balance where they can produce just enough units to keep their sales figures high, though not enough units to satisfy every consumer willing to buy one, they could be in a pretty good position for the next couple years.

Until Sony and Microsoft release their own competing consoles, of course.

Josh Wirtanen
Editor / News Director
Date: August 3, 2012

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