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TGS 2007: Tokyo Hands-On!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Tokyo Hands-On! article

We've got our hands all over the Tokyo Game Show! This year's event featured a veritable plethora of games that were available for some hands-on time. And while some were just updated builds of games we had already seen, there were also some games that were playable for the first time on the floor. Here's some of the show highlights!

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword - Nintendo DS

Everyone is pretty hyped about Ninja Gaiden 2 coming to the Xbox 360 and it's possible AO rating. But surprisingly, it was the playable demo of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the Nintendo DS that had lots of people excited. Featuring some pretty awesome DS graphics, an extremely tight stylus-based control scheme, and plenty of exciting ninja action, there's plenty of reason to be excited about this one. The demo featured a tutorial-style level where your main mission is to hack n' slash through the competition. The animation was really spot on, and this title has to be one of the best-looking DS games I've seen yet. And the good news? Unlike most of the games you run into in Tokyo, which have a far-away or unannounced US release date, this one should be coming here this November!

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Tokyo Hands-On! article

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire - Nintendo DS

Final Fantasy Tactics fans rejoiced when Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was released for the Game Boy Advance quite a few years ago. And then there was nothing. However, the series is finally getting a new update in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire. The look of this game is definitely cleaner than its predecessor, and the overall visual stylization is great up-close. But the real big stand-out feature with this one is its draw on classic Final Fantasy Tactics gameplay with only a few key differences. First of all, the much-loathed law system has been changed to make it a little more lax. Instead of being severely punished for disobeying the laws of battle, you'll instead be rewarded if you don't break them. Control is mainly executed through the stylus, as you might expect and works pretty well. This game is set for a Japanese release net month, and while a US release is as-yet unconfirmed, I'd be on the lookout for this one sometime early net year.

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Tokyo Hands-On! article

No More Heroes - Wii

Here's one that everyone has been anticipating for quite some time now. No More Heroes is a no-holds-barred psychedelic adventure that has you playing as Tommy Touchdown, A guy who wants nothing more than to become the world's number one ranked assassin. But the world of No More Heroes is an interesting one. Featuring crazy characters, larger-than-life events, and a killer art style, this game is one of the few games for the Wii that really challenge the norms presented by the platform. And while we've all seen the killer art style from the internet trailer, there's nothing like seeing it up-close. And one of the really great things about this game is that there's not a whole lot of variation between what the characters look like during cutscenes, and what they look like in-game. Although there's still some major work needed in the area of detailing, the visuals of this game really land it some points of distinctiveness. Another way this game works is its control scheme.

Now, as you may or may not have known, Tommy Touchdown's weapon of choice is a glowing sword that is somewhat reminiscent of a lightsaber. So, you may gather that since it is a Wii title this means slashing around with your Wii-mote. This game will (again) defy your expectations and instead leave the action to a blend of button-mash involving the A and B buttons. Of course you will be using your Wii's motion sensitivity in some capacity, however, because the attacks you do depend on how high you hold your Wii-mote. And when your light-sword gets low on fuel, you'll have to do the Wii-mote shake to fill it back up with energy. No More Heroes still looks like it needs a bit of work, but if this initial playthrough was any indication, it should be a lot of fun. No More Heroes is slated to come to US shores sometime next February.

Tokyo Game Show 2007: Tokyo Hands-On! article

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