The Top 100 Video Game Clichés - 50-41!

The Top 100 Video Game Clichés - 50-41

50. Pallete Swaps

Have you ever noticed that Hugo from the Street Fighter series looks a lot like Andre the Giant, or that Ryu and Ken use the same gi, or that the green goblin you fought at the beginning of the game looks mysteriously like that red goblin you fought at the end of the game? Maybe it's just a coincidence.

49. Lethargic Pursuit Teams

Law enforcement really needs to get itself in gear in the video game world. I can blow up a city block with a tank in Grand Theft Auto 3, and all I have to do is hide in an alley for a while before the cops just forget about it. Whenever I'm being looked for in a stealth game, all I really have to do is avoid the set paths the guards walk. If I get caught sneaking around in an RPG, all that really happens is I get sent back to the beginning. In the end, law enforcement is never really that much of a threat. I guess this is partially due to stupidly, but mostly due to them just not giving a damn.

48. Breaking and Entering

Have you ever noticed that NPCs just do not care if you break into their house, rifle through their drawers, steal their treasure, and break their vases? Sure, maybe they are just being generous to the Hero of Light, but think about this for a second. Would you try to stop a psycho that just chopped up all your bushes with a broadsword? I don't think so.

The Top 100 Video Game Clichés - 50-41

47. Space Debris

If a game starts out by showing an asteroid, space station, or satellite orbiting an otherwise peaceful planet, chances are it's going to crash onto that planet sometime during the game. Even Final Fantasy VII's icon was a meteor, for crying out loud!

46. Aesthetic Bonuses

I find it kind of weird that evil overlords like to hide concept art and music tracks in hard-to-reach corners of their castles. Maybe they just like listening to some tunes and looking at pinups when nobody is looking. It's like they are me when I was fifteen. Ugh, now I have images in my head about what Dracula does in his free time that I'll never get rid of.

45. Villains Are Always One Step Ahead

In any epic journey, there will inevitably be a situation where the hero has to reach some important location before the villain does. However, no matter how fast that hero is, the villain always seems to get there first. It doesn't even matter if you need to reach the top of an impossible-to-scale mountain and you are the only one in the land with a helicopter, the villain will be there in the last room, waiting for you and laughing. Some fans have said this is because all villains can teleport off screen. Me, I think they just had more than enough time considering you spent all that time playing minigames and doing side quests.

44. Cutscene Deaths

Death in battle is totally reversible by the application of a phoenix down. Death in an FMV, on the other hand, is completely and utterly permanent. It's happened before and it will happen again. And I'm pretty sure Aeris rolls in her grave every time it does.

43. The God Magnum

Ever notice that Magnums always seem to be the most powerful gun in games like Resident Evil? Even though you have access to sub machine guns, rocket launchers, and flamethrowers, the Magnum always seems to do the most damage. Sure, Magnums are powerful guns, but I'm fairly certain a shotgun does more damage.

The Top 100 Video Game Clichés - 50-41

42. Martial Arts Tournaments

There are martial arts tournaments everywhere in the video game world. Heck, nearly every fighting game is based around them. At these tournaments, you can be sure you'll find the villain, your rival, a new ally, that key piece of info you were looking for, or any other number of useful plot devices. Also, it's apparently not against the rules for demons and monsters to enter these tournaments, because they always seem to make up your first few fights in RPGs.

41. The Invincibility Power-Up

Every game, no matter what, has an invincibility power-up. It started with Mario and it has never stopped. Grab it and run, because it only lasts for a few seconds, but while it does you will become an unstoppable flashing rainbow death machine. It's like that rave I went to in the city that one time. Hard to find, short-lived, and full of death.

By Angelo M. D'Argenio
CCC Contributing Writer

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