Top 10 Comic Books That Need To Be Video Games

Top 10 Comic Books That Need To Be Video Games

Green Arrow
5. Green Arrow

With the Green Lantern and Green Hornet films both out this year, it's time to fully cash in on this obsession with the color green. The Green Arrow needs his own video game.

The Green Arrow is a lot like Batman, yet he dresses like Robin Hood, is obsessed with liberal politics, and has an impressive arsenal of truly awesome arrow types. For example, his ammo types include exploding arrows, tear gas arrows, and grappling arrows.

Just imagine a game similar to Arkham Asylum, only the combat would be much more focused on ranged skills rather than melee attacks. The Green Arrow might even give Batman a run for his money.

The Boys
4. The Boys

Who watches the Watchmen? "The Boys" do. These guys are CIA agents who specialize in "taking care of" superheroes. And by "taking care of" I definitely mean "assassinating." How has no one made this into a video game yet?

This screams "M rating."


Tank Girl
3. Tank Girl

Tank Girl is probably most well-known for the terrible film that came out back in 1995. I bet that's why she never got to star in her own video game. But there is some serious potential here. Imagine a first-person shooter with a cartoony visual style (along the lines of Team Fortress 2 only more stylized), but set in a dystopian Australia and filled with raunchy humor and 1980s punk rock. Tank Girl could be the female answer to Duke Nukem.

And did I mention she drives a tank?

2. Deadpool

Deadpool has starred in quite a few video games already. He was a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and also showed up briefly in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Most recently, he scored a place on the roster of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. His erratic behavior in MvC3, which includes shouting hysterically into the camera and beating people with his own health bar, has already made him wildly popular among the gaming crowd. Isn't it about time that he gets his own video game? It would do his ego a world of good.

V for Vendetta
1. V for Vendetta

Strangely, when the film version of V for Vendetta came out, there was no video game counterpart. That was probably a good thing back then, since games based of movies don't tend to be very good. But now I think it's time to bring V to our gaming consoles.

This could make a fantastic open-world super combo of Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed. Sow the seeds of anarchy throughout the streets of an alternate version of England, blowing things up, taking out police, and assassinating pretty much the entire government.

One question though: would players step into the shoes of psychotic V or the manipulated Evey Hammond? Both scenarios could have interesting results, but the option to choose between the two, each with wildy different storylines, could make this a true masterpiece.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Freelance Writer

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