The Top 10 Gaming Scandals

The Top 10 Gaming Scandals

The Infinity Ward West/Zampella Scandal
5. The Infinity Ward West/Zampella Scandal

Speaking of Activision, remember the whole West and Zampella scandal? Apparently, the top designers at Infinity Ward were suddenly fired—supposedly due to a breach of contract—after Modern Warfare 2 skyrocketed to the top of the charts. Apparently Activision doesn't like it very much when you shop around for other jobs while working on one of their biggest blockbuster titles. Anyway, Activision went on to bring in many more studios and created many more Call of Duty games, while West and Zampella went on to form their own studio, Respawn Entertainment. We look forward to hearing good things from this studio in the future.

Geohot and the PS3 Security Breach
4. Geohot and the PS3 Security Breach

This one originally started when hackers found a way to jailbreak the PS3. One notorious hacker, George Hotz, AKA Geohot, provided the tools for anyone to hack their own PS3 if they'd like, but specifically did not provide any tools for pirates to copy games or play copied games. Sony, of course, took Geohot to court. Suddenly, a hacker group called Anonymous may or may not have started attacking Sony for their suit against Geohot. Shortly thereafter, all of PSN's accounts were compromised, and I'm sure we all remember the PSN downtime that occurred as a result.

Team Bondi's Work Conditions
3. Team Bondi's Work Conditions

I'm no stranger to crunch time, but the conditions that Team Bondi had to work under were absolutely abhorrent. No breaks, 12-hour days, 80-100 hour weeks, no overtime pay—basically everything short of having the whole team chained to a wall and whipped. It's almost a shame that L.A. Noire turned out so well, because this scandal made so many of us want to hate it. Just because you can push your workers until they are close to death, doesn't mean you should.

Hot Coffee
2. Hot Coffee

A couple hackers futzed around with the code of GTA: San Andreas, discovering one of the most controversial game cuts in history: a sex minigame. Rockstar originally said that the Hot Coffee mod was added by hackers, but when it cropped up in the console version, it became pretty obvious that they had actually worked on this minigame before deciding it was too scandalous for a public release. When people found out, they were upset. Heck, even Hillary Clinton flipped her lid over this one. Oddly enough, when a similar sex minigame cropped up in God of War, no one seemed to care. Maybe it's a Spartan thing.

Mortal Kombat Spine Ripping
1. Mortal Kombat Spine Ripping

As tame as this might seem now, this was probably gaming's biggest scandal of all time. When parents saw the tiny line of white pixels that was supposed to be someone's spine after getting hit by Sub-Zero's fatality, they immediately thought that video games were a tool of the devil (that devil being Shao Kahn, of course). In fact, soccer moms everywhere were so outraged that this scandal was probably the largest factor in the creation of the ESRB. And all it took was a little digital blood and bones.

By Angelo D'Argenio
CCC Contributing Writer

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