Top 10 Superheroes That Need Their Own Games

Top 10 Superheroes That Need Their Own Games

5. Nightcrawler

I know most of you want to see Wolverine as the X-Men character to make the list, but why not shed the slice-into-battle-at-every-chance overuse for something a little stealthier with Nightcrawler? Stealth action has already proven to be a winning formula in the gaming world, after all. Of course, Assassin's Creed liberties could undoubtedly be taken, but let's not forget some of Kurt Wagner's other abilities, like his teleportation and night vision. I would love to see an origin story about Wagner, taking place primarily in the backdrop of Eastern Europe, with his powers slowly emerging throughout the course of the game. Also, there are definitely some interesting relationship choices that could be brought to the mix, not the least of which could include an encounter with his mother, Mystique.

Silver Surfer
4. Silver Surfer

This is where I've broken from my parameters; the Silver Surfer is often a villain and has already had his own exclusive video game. However, his villainy is due to a bargain with the planet-eater Galactus, and his video game is over two decades old. Besides, this cool cat, consistently ranked among the most popular comic book characters of all time, would undoubtedly get cheers from many fans. It's scary to think how far a developer could go with a modern Silver Surfer game, since his powers are so immense that he can destroy planets an create black holes, build anything he wants in a snap, travel at the speed of light, and even travel trough time. So perhaps this would be a planet-hopper like Mass Effect, and each new world could present a different scenario and the choice to side with or against it. Of course, choosing the evil path would mean a whole lot of planets would become asteroid fields.

Wonder Woman
3. Wonder Woman

I'm glad to be able to break from a sexist viewpoint and offer Wonder Woman as a viable choice, and well-deserved as a top three pick. She's got plenty of powers to showcase, with super strength, speed and agility, flight, healing powers, and resistance. And that's not even getting into the cool weaponry and gear like her trusty Lasso of Truth, her indestructible bracelets, and her Golden Tiara. There are also some interesting choices to be made as to which era the game would be set in and how deep a role the Greek mythology would play in the story.

2. Flash

Sure, other superheroes have super-speed, but nobody runs like the Flash, not even Superman. I guess it wouldn't necessarily matter which gentlemen was chosen to take up the mantle (although personally, I would hire the great Barry Allen for the job), but the dynamics of his singular superpower would have to be given proper respect. We wouldn't want to see a Sonic the Hedgehog game here. Since Flash also thinks fast, maybe the game would require us to be speedy with our own mental and physical controller skills. Perhaps a series of increasingly difficult scenarios would have to be completed in a shorter amount of time, with complex button-sequences. I'm not entirely sure if there's enough context to warrant a full game production, but I'd love to see it happen for the Flash nonetheless.

1. Daredevil

"The Man Without Fear." This phrase is exactly why Daredevil clinches the number one spot on this list. Although blind, the radioactive substance that caused this blindness has also heightened his other senses to superhuman status. With expert detective skills, these heightened senses could be used all sorts of ways to solve crimes and complete missions. And his multi-tool billy club has always proven reliable, which could be tweaked throughout the game to add more functionality. It's still hard to pinpoint why Daredevil has remained so popular throughout his career, but maybe it's because his history is more relatable than those of other superheroes. Nevertheless, a Daredevil game would have true comic fans flocking to retail shelves on release day.

By Sean Engemann
CCC Contributing Writer

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