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Top 5 Wish List for Gears of War 2

Top 5 Wish List for Gears of War 2 article

By Nathan Meunier

1. Chainsaw Fights:

Hands-down, the Lancer assault rifle's chainsaw bayonet attachment is one of the coolest - and most disturbing - features in Gears of War…period. The heavy automatic weapon is a staple piece of equipment for many intense firefights, but nothing beats revving it up and getting up-close and personal with the Locust Horde. Sawing a nearby foe into little pieces in a spray of bloody mess is endlessly entertaining, but it also works well as a last-ditch attempt at survival when you're out of ammo and the horde is breathing down your neck. For many players, this instant-kill gore producing attachment guaranteed the Lancer a top slot in the weapons queue. One thing we can count on with certainty is the chainsaw bayonet will not fall by the wayside in the next installment.


The sparse-but-thrilling teaser trailer for Gears of War 2 prominently features a chainsaw melee between Fenix and a Locust warrior. Both are wielding Lancers, and the latter ends up ripped asunder with the ubiquitous splatter players are now accustomed to. Epic may have just thrown that in - quite successfully - to get gamers' attention, but we'd like to see this put into play heavily in the finished product. Lancer-wielding Locusts is an intriguing concept, and having to fight them off at point-blank range with a buzzing chainsaw bayonet in your face could make for some brutally intense gameplay.

Top 5 Wish List for Gears of War 2 article

Top 5 Wish List for Gears of War 2 article

On both the Xbox 360 and PC, Gears of War is a major accomplishment that sets the bar high for third-person action games. A compelling and gritty story, cutting-edge visuals, immersive tactical gameplay, and serious style make the original title a must-have for either platform. We expect Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360 (and hopefully a subsequent release on PC) will build substantially on the rock-hard foundation Epic has already laid out. Stay tuned for Cheat Code Central's ongoing coverage of the title throughout 2008 as additional details are announced.

By Nathan Meunier
CCC Staff Contributor

Watch the Gears of War 2 Trailer Here!

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