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Top 5 Weapons and Vehicles of Halo

Top 5 Weapons and Vehicles of Halo article

With Halo 3 coming, it is almost certain that we will find new loves on the battlefield. However, it is important to never forget those that comforted you in your time of need. With the weapons getting tweaked and a few new vehicles to be thrown into the mix, we decided to take a look back at some of the memorable weapons of the series and let you see what I think are some of the best. I did not go for the ones that seem to be the most popular. Instead, I went with the ones that you had better make sure you know before stepping out into the harsh fields of slaughter.

Top 5 Weapons:

Whether it is the human weapons or the Covenant weapons you carry into battle, the Halo series offers a diverse array of weapons for you to take on the competition. After all, the weapons make the soldier, and when trying to find the best weapon of the series I took one thing into consideration: how it would be if I were Master Chief with the numerous medals of valor.

* Most Improved Weapon:

Before getting into the Top 5 weapons, I wanted to take a minute a talk about what weapon has been the most improved weapon in my opinion, the Needler. While in Halo: Combat Evolved I feel in love with the pink crystal delayed bombs that would lock onto the enemies were not among the favorites, I knew even then that It was a weapon that I wanted to see improved. Thankfully, in Halo 2 we were treated to a nice boost to using this nice little destructive weapon, the ability to dual-wield. Even though it still had the same impact as far as power, unloading it with both triggers never got old. Now, after playing the beta, I can see that the Needler has been made more powerful and truly deserves a mention on any list involving some of the best weapons Halo has to offer.

5. S2 AM Sniper Rifle

While it would have been easy to pick this weapon for the number one spot, I could not because of one simple fact; everyone that I have talked to about the "One Shot One Kill" weapon tells me that they hate the weapon as a general rule. Initially, it is easy to say that might be due to lack of experience with the weapon. However, the weapon does require a great deal of patience, steadiness, and an increased amount of skill that some might not want to devote to becoming good with this weapon. It takes the five spot simply because for those that use the sniper rifle with the precision of a surgeon may have me in their sights at this moment.

4. Plasma Grenade

If you are in a pinch, it is nice to have a couple of grenades to pitch at your enemy. While the frag grenade might be the optimal and plentiful item to find, it is the Plasma grenade you need to be looking for. Slightly more powerful, the Plasma grenade ignites in a larger radius to cause maximum damage to foes. This feature is a good one, but that is not why it made the list over the M9 HE-DP grenade. The reasoning behind this malicious weapon scoring so high on the list is simple. If an enemy almost has you dead to rights, throw one of these bad boys at them and while they run away happy, BOOM, they just got stuck. Victory from the grave is just as sweet.

3. M6D Pistol

When it comes to weapons that you need to be acquainted with there's one you had better make sure you know a little about, the pistol sidearm. While predominantly in Halo: Combat Evolved, the sidearm took a back seat when it was tweaked in Halo 2, but the importance of the weapon has never strayed. In a close range brawl between you and some too close for comfort enemies, a couple of rounds to the old noggin will leave your foes wishing for some Tylenol when they respawn. With the pistol being one of the weapons I say you need to be most comfortable with, my next chose is strictly for long range attacks, unless you want the satisfaction of self sacrifice.

2. M19 SSM Rocket Launcher

What list of weapons would be complete without the mention of a rocket launcher? While these two rounded behemoths lack the lengthy ammo cartridges, you fire one of these into the gut of an opponent and they will not remember where they where when they respawn. You add the one on one aspect of carnage this weapon brings to the destruction it will bring to that flying menace above you, and you have a weapon that will bring a broad smile to your face, even if you blow up a round in your own face.

1. MA5B Assault Rifle

Now before the hate mail starts, there is a reason that I feel the Assault Rifle is the best weapon in the game. It may not be the most powerful, the most precise, or even the favorite among the many fans, however, it is the weapon you can always depend on. In war, you should always go with the weapon that will always be ready to face whatever perils you have in front of you. This is one of the lessons learned in the military. No matter what weapon you find, you never abandon the one you received the most training on. This weapon has also always gotten me out of tight spots as well. While everyone else raced around to find the mega powerful weapons on the maps, I baited my time to spring upon them when they least expected or while they reloaded. Say what you will about the standard issued weapon of choice in Halo, but I dare say that if you don't have the chops to gun down a few with just this weapon then you might want to discover the importance of a few of the vehicles of Halo.

Speaking of the vehicles, how do some of them shape up according to the same rules for the weapons of Halo? Let us see.

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