Top 10 Best Video Game T-Shirts

Top 10 Best Video Game T-Shirts

Looking to update your wardrobe with a little bit of nerd flare? Well, Cheat Code Central has got you covered. We have traveled all around the world (mainly via the Internet), checking out every video game T-shirt we could find. From obscure silk screens being run out of a convention's artist alley, to mass market designs sold out of ThinkGeek and Brokentier, these are the best video game themed T-shirts we have seen in our many varied travels.

Boom Headshot Shirt
10. Boom Headshot Shirt

The Boom Headshot T-Shirt shows that you are not only up on your videogame lingo, you are also up on your internet memes. Boom Headshot was a phrase made popular by the web series Pure Pwnage. The hyperactive character FPS Doug made the phrase famous in one particular scene which ended with a massive freak out and a destroyed computer. Pure Pwnage became so popular that it got a television deal, and this was partially due to the revenue gained from selling shirts like this one. So support your fellow web nerds by wearing this shirt, and maybe one day you too will have your own TV show. (Disclaimer: wearing this shirt does not guarantee you a TV show.)

Oregon Trail Dysentery Shirt
9. Oregon Trail Dysentery Shirt

Anything having to do with Oregon Trail is automatically awesome, as long as you remember what Oregon Trail is. Wearing this shirt shows that you were one of the original old school gamers, hunting, trading, and pushing your family to the brink of starvation back when floppy disks were still floppy. Be proud to be old school, with an emphasis on the "old."

Cowbell Hero
8. Cowbell Hero

I have a fever, and the only cure is more cowbell! Are you a fan of Guitar Hero? Are you a fan of Blue Oyster Cult's "(Don't Fear) The Reaper?" Are you a fan of Saturday Night Live? Are you a fan of Christopher Walken? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, this is the shirt for you.

Gameboy Shirt
7. Gameboy Shirt

So, this shirt just looks like a Gameboy design right? Well, get this, the Gameboy was so simple and technology has come so far since the days of the NES that a few geeks have made Gameboy shirts that are actually operational. The buttons are touch sensitive, and the screen actually uses a dot matrix display to play classic games such as Super Mario Land. Just don't wash it or you'll ruin all the electronics.

Captain Falcon Obama Poster
6. Captain Falcon Obama Poster

Obama poster parodies were pretty common a couple years ago, but in my opinion, none were as funny as the Captain Falcon posters. Shouting his trademark "YES" or "HYESS," the Captain Falcon poster was a widespread internet meme among the Smash Bros. community. It was only a matter of time before it showed up in t-shirt form.