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Top 10 Most Unique Video Games Ever

Top 10 Most Unique Video Games Ever article

By Cole Smith

Cheat Code Central takes a look at the Top 10 Most Unique Video Games ever! Don't miss our special feature with info about the most original and bizarre titles out there.

Rayman Vs. Rainman

In this interesting game, the wacky armless and legless Rayman character takes on the wacky but specially gifted Rainman in a violent beat 'em up game that rivals Ultimate Fighting Championship. Anything goes in this no-holds-barred match. Remember, Everybody Loves Rayman, or is that Everybody Loves Rainman?

Top 10 Most Unique Video Games Ever article

Pirates of the Caribbean Who Don't Do Anything

This is a tale of violence, romance, swashbuckling, and adventure on the high seas, but since it was developed during the writers' strike, there isn't much of a plot, or any character dialogue for that matter. Hit the control buttons, and nothing happens. These pirates don't do anything. It stars Keith Richards and other vegetables.

Rainbow Six: EuroDisney

In the future, at EuroDisney in France, Mickey Mouse has been renamed Michelle Mousse, a hot dog is fifty-seven dollars, and the French are demanding royalties from America for using the term French fries. We've had enough. The team from Rainbow Six has been sent to take America's aggression out on the last bastion of Americana culture on European soil: EuroDisney. It's a viscous, freestyle bloodbath as the team uses every tactic and weapon in the book. At least the visitors and staff are unarmed.

Top 10 Most Unique Video Games Ever article

Banjo Hero

From the makers of Guitar Hero comes Banjo Hero, a game for hillbillies, country & western music lovers, and other intellectually challenged people. The gameplay is more action adventure oriented than Guitar Hero. As your character wanders through various trailer parks, junkyards, and honky tonks, get ready to strum the banjo at the first sign of trouble. Here comes a pitbull - strum that banjo. You've been in the bar since noon and you're about to be pulled over by the cops - strum that banjo. Here comes your ex-wife with her three ex-kids, looking for her ex-teeth - strum that banjo.

Closed End Counters of the Third Kind

Cabinetry making and alien technology are combined in this building simulation where the player has only three chances to get the counter table design perfected. Using 3D imaging software for the construction, the biggest challenge is that you can only use alien tools. Learn to use a Fruntologicy, an Immotrpoylply, and a Knitifgigngzz to build the ultimate closed-end counter. The third kind's always a charm.

Top 10 Most Unique Video Games Ever article

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