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Top 10 Scariest Games

Top 10 Scariest Games article

Much like horror movies, it takes a lot to scare anyone these days in video games. With survival horror video games deeply rooted in the myth and lore of classic horror films, what could anyone expect aside from the occasional frightening? However, there have been a few titles to rise above the blood and guts of horror to bring the deep-rooted fears we all have to beautiful pixilation. Turn off the lights, and read the top ten scariest video games ever made. A word of warning though, these games may cause nightmares among even the strongest.

10. The Suffering:

To kick off the list, you have to think about the psychological tension we face everyday, and then add the sense of psychotic delusions one might have if they had a voice talking to them. Now imagine that voice is actually a demon telling you to end the lives of the people around you. The Suffering had just that. While this may not be the tell all demonic-voices-telling-you-what-to-do-game, it certainly gives you that uneasy feeling when everything seems to be going okay and then over your subwoofer you here what could be called the voice of Satan telling you to kill the guy to your left because he is slowing you down. Creepy stuff, but not quite scary enough, what other tales of horror do we have?

Top 10 Scariest Games article

9. Silent Hill 3:

Keeping the demonic card floating above like the blade of a guillotine, our next game should come as no surprise being on the list. Silent Hill 3 had all the religious meanderings of the demonic cult side anyone could wish for. Some of the most disturbing images in the series remind me of some of Clive Barker's warped and twisted creations. The reason it makes the list is simple - religion is scary in the hands of the demented, and then you add the psychotic nature of a Bible thumping holy-roller who thinks she knows what she talking about, and you've got yourself a naturally screwed up game. That and the creepy rabbit dolls that will kill you do nothing for anyone who has a fear of dolls. The only thing that would have made those things scarier was if they had fangs to bite you with.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

8. D:

Nothing has got to suck worse than having a normal day get turned upside down when you find out your father has flipped his lid and turned the hospital he works at into a blood soaked Murderland. To make matters worse, your father is actually the Dark Prince of the Night. Yeah, I would have to say that would be a little worse. Of course, then going into the hospital and fighting through the nightmarish hell that awaits you until you find the answers wouldn't be so good either. D makes the list simply because it capitalized on the claustrophobia of my own mind. Every turn I felt myself being closed into a smaller room than before with no room for air. It was almost enough to make you feel for the condemned daughter of the Dark Prince of the Night. Almost.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

7. Condemned: Criminal Origins:

The dark inner workings of a sociopath's mind are the golden playgrounds for psychologists across the globe. What makes them tick? Is there a way to remove that insane killer instinct that plagues these men and women who can tell no difference between splitting your face open with a corkscrew or inviting you over for dinner? Condemned delivers on trying to build upon the fears and anguish of not knowing what your adversaries will do. Late at night, playing this game might make your eyesight diminish a little trying to see if the shadow you thought you saw move actually moved. This is part of the beauty of the game. While tracking a murderous villain is your main objective, it is the drug addicts and homeless attackers that will have you second guessing your every move. It might make you turn on a light instead of staying in the dark.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

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