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Top 10 Scariest Games

Top 10 Scariest Games article

6. Alone in the Dark:

There are several reasons the original Alone in the Dark makes the list. Most notable is that it sparked the creative minds to look towards the horror genre in games a little more closely. For the time it was released it challenged the graphic capabilities of other games, and the sounds nearly scarred the unaware player into turning off their computer.

Every room in the Louisianan Mansion was filled with tension which increased as the game progressed. Ghosts can be some of the most frightening things you can face, but this game also had zombies, and we all know how much we love zombies.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

5. Resident Evil:

As the grandfather of all horror video games to some, Resident Evil definitely gave a certain shape to the survival horror genre that would pour out of the game industry for many years to come. In fact, Resident Evil was probably some people's first trip into the world of horror. Of course, after a brief taste of zombie blood and guts, the horror movie and game markets exploded with zombie love, and they have never been the same. After all, with the growing need to have over the top gore realized into pixilated bad acting, Resident Evil has always been one of those titles you could rely on for the gore you needed and the acting skills that always have room for improvement. Nevertheless, it was the notion of not being able to escape the mass number of zombies and abominations of the dead that kept people fearfully glued to their televisions with the lights turned low.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

4. Resident Evil 4:

So we shared some of the zombie love of the first Resident Evil, but there was one other installment in the series I have to admit set me on the fringes of a select few nerves. Resident Evil 4 should be the title that is still fresh in some horror enthusiast's minds. Admittedly, there was more than a fair share of zombie loving in the game, but the real entrails of the game comes from the beginning of the game. You can gun down thousands of zombies and have no qualms about it, but switch it up to deranged psychotic villagers who share more than a passing resemblance to the Devil's Rejects and it becomes a bit of unhinging psycho-melodrama. Couple all of that with the fact that most of these said villagers are quit sane when attacking you, and it fries the ends of one's own sanity.

Top 10 Scariest Games article

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