Top 10 Sexiest Male Video Game Characters

Top 10 Sexiest Male Video Game Characters

Sir Auron (Final Fantasy X)
5. Sir Auron
(Final Fantasy X)

I'd call him Sir any day. Sir Auron, the quiet, mysterious guardian of Yuna, is a modest man who's loyal to the end. His salt-and-pepper hair, wire-frame glasses, and enormous sword are just a few reasons why I'd willingly follow him to the ends of the earth. Even with an injured arm, he managed to win me over. How many real men can you say that about? Not many? I thought so. And come on -- he's rocking the Vash look. Anyone who even slightly resembles the Stampede is okay in my book.

Francis Zach Morgan (Deadly Premonition)
4. Francis Zach Morgan
(Deadly Premonition)

If I can't have Special Agent Dale Cooper in a video game, Agent York will do for now. Sure, he might interrupt our dates now and then with a few comments to Zach, but that's just fine with me. Like I've never done that before -- say, inner me, want to catch a movie tonight?. I'm in love with '80s movies and dapper FBI-types. I think we'd make an excellent coffee told me so.

Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes)
3. Travis Touchdown
(No More Heroes Series)

Otaku, assassin, and all-around awesome guy -- Travis has everything. Only he could make dropping trou to save the game while sitting on the toilet look good. Beam katanas, faux-hawk, and a stylin' jacket (along with his rugged good looks) makes him an attractive choice for a beau...that is, if you can keep his attention focused on you. Give him a few calls now and then, chat him up about a certain Garden of Madness, and you'll have yourself a rock-and-roll hallelujah heartthrob on your hands. Did I mention his slammin' Schpeltiger?

Snake (Metal Gear Series)
2. Snake
(Metal Gear Series)

Young or old, mullet or no mullet, Snake's got it going on. Not only is he a man anyone would love to have around in a crisis, but his voice -- his raspy, throaty growl (brought to life via David Hayter) is a voice I'd sure be glad to reach on my Codec. He's a rough one for sure, but that's part of what makes him so attractive. Take away the smokes, the Diazepam, and his iPod, and he'd be just another action hero. But Snake's quirks, tactics, and personality are a winning well as his multiple personal issues. He likely needs a hug, and I'd gladly give it to him. I need Snake, 61!

Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
1. Nathan Drake
(Uncharted Series)

This rough-and-tumble guy next door brings the freakishly good looks, charm, attitude, and courage that can only be found in the number one spot. Yes, I find one Nathan Drake (back off, Elena and Chloe!) to be the single most attractive character found in gaming...right now. Any situation he's placed in? He'll find a way out and look absolutely amazing while doing so. He manages to remain completely accessible amongst all of this, making him a more realistically dateable suitor and more down to earth than any of my previous choices. I'm waiting patiently for Uncharted 3, but just make sure you guys and gals keep your paws off. Nate's going home with me.

By Brittany Vincent
CCC Freelance Writer

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