The Weekly Dish – Appetizers

The Weekly Dish – Appetizers

It's been a slow news week for the gaming industry, without many major stories to cover. Thus, today's TWD is going to focus on some shorter tidbits. Hopefully they will prove interesting and/or amusing.

Thanks, GameStop

Gamestop has decided to give a $50 gift card to customers who have purchased the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. This is in apology for the removal of the included OnLive voucher from the game, as we covered last week. It's nice to see GameStop apologize in a meaningful manner for one of its more ill-considered actions, but it'd be even nicer to see the retailer come up with a stronger policy against opening up packages and then selling the game as new.

The Weekly Dish - Appetizers

Team Bondi: The Sad and the Happy

L.A. Noire developer Team Bondi has officially gone bankrupt and been folded into another company, KMM studios. What are the former Team Bondi devs working on now? Happy Feet 2.

London Life Stays out of London

Few modern gaming characters are more British than Professor Layton. With his top hat, gentle nature, and affinity for a good cup of tea, Professor Layton is the prototypical Victorian gentleman. It's a bit ironic, then, that the mini-RPG titled Professor Layton's London Life will be available in the US version of Professor Layton and the Last Specter, but not in the European version. There are likely pan-European translation issues involved, but it's rather a shame that actual Londoners will need to import the game in order to play London Life.

Is It Too Late for Doom Time?

Seventeen years after the launch of Doom, it has finally been removed from the German list of "controlled" games, meaning that it can be sold in regular stores as opposed to just in adults-only ones. Germany's media censorship laws are notoriously strict, but apparently id Software's owner, Bethesda, filed an appeal for Doom and Doom II. The German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons agreed to let the games out into the public, though they still can't be sold to anybody under the age of 16. Rejoice and go waste some demons, German gamers!

Buy Kinect

Microsoft continues to push Kinect sales with a new incentive. The Kinect 3D camera sensor will soon be bundled with a free download code for Child of Eden. Kinect Adventures will continue to be included with Kinect as well, so it's a plus all around for new Kinect purchasers.

The Weekly Dish - Appetizers

Ambassadors, Get Your Digital Retro Loot

All you 3DS Ambassadors out there can now pick up your ten free NES games. To do so, go to the E-Shop on your 3DS, go to settings, and find the games under My Downloads. You'll also get an Ambassador Certificate so anybody you connect with via Street Pass can see that you're a sucker who paid too much—er, I mean loyal early adopter. Ten more GBA games will be available sometime before the end of the year.

By Becky Cunningham
CCC Contributing Writer

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