The Weekly Dish – Naughty Business

The Weekly Dish – Naughty Business

That's right, we've got sex-comedy adventure games, dirty words, and the sordid tale of yet more hacking in this week's installment. We've also got David Hasselhoff, so that should cover the drugs, or at least the legal ones. We apologize for the lack of rock 'n' roll, but the plastic guitar genre has already bottomed out.

Leisure Suit Larry Back in the Right Hands

Remember Leisure Suit Larry? Once upon a time, this love-seeking lounge lizard starred in several adult-themed comic adventure games by Sierra Entertainment, right alongside classic series like King's Quest and Space Quest. Sadly, when Sierra went the way of the dodo, Larry's not-so-good name was dragged through the mud, with a couple of Codemasters-produced games which were blights on the landscape of civilization.

This week, ex-Sierra employee Paul Trowe announced that his studio, Replay, had bought the rights to Leisure Suit Larry from Codemasters. Replay will be teaming up with Larry creator Al Lowe for an HD remake the first Leisure Suit Larry game, with plans for more remakes and even new Larry adventures in the future. Is a leisure-suited loser looking for a lay still a good source of laughs in the twenty-first century? We'll have to wait and see.

Personally, I hope that the Larry remake brings back my favorite form of age gate for mature entertainment: a quiz asking trivia questions that people under age 18 are unlikely to know the answer to. The original Leisure Suit Larry quiz asked questions from the 1950s-'70s, so they'd obviously need to update it to include those of us who turned 18 back in the 1990s. I'd like to submit the following questions: "What was Bill Cosby's profession before he became a grumpy old man?" "What was Jenny's number in the Tommy Tutone classic?" and "Why legwarmers? No, really. Why?"

The Weekly Dish - Naughty Business

Bulletstorm Devs: Oops, We Cursed Too Much

If there's one thing that can be said for the over-the-top shooter Bulletstorm, it's that it doesn't skimp on the R-rated language. In fact, Bulletstorm's own developers now admit that the game's script is too dirty even for them. The Polish development team underestimated just how dirty their script was, since the words didn't mean as much to them as non-native English speakers. The game's creative director admits that after reading the Polish translation of the script near the end of development, he realized that the language was stronger than intended. Still, publisher Epic respected what it thought was the team's creative vision, and the F-Bomb laden script went to market intact. At least it makes for a highly amusing ESRB ratings summary.

PSN Manages Not to Get Hacked

Sony seems to have learned at least one lesson from this spring's PlayStation Network hacking debacle: customers like to know when their personal data has been put at risk. The company has announced on its PlayStation Blog that it has detected attempts to input a whole bunch of username and password combinations into the system, presumably in an attempt to break into people's accounts. As most of the attempts failed, Sony suspects that the potential thieves were working off a list stolen from someplace else, hoping that people were using the same name and password combination on the PSN. To be on the safe side, Sony is resetting the password of all affected accounts, which account for a very small percentage of total PSN users. Anybody potentially impacted by this issue will receive an e-mail from Sony regarding the password change.

This kind of stuff isn't so much hacking as it is a simple attempt at account thievery, although hacking may have been involved in obtaining the original list of usernames and passwords. It's a good reminder to practice safe passwording, and not to use the same account and password combination for multiple things – especially when your credit card information is involved.

The Weekly Dish - Naughty Business

David Hasselhoff Wants to Make a Game

David Hasselhoff has been enjoying himself so much as a spokesperson for Burnout: CRASH! that he now says he'd like to make his own game. He agreed to do the Burnout stint after seeing the game, which reminded him of his time on Knight Rider, and now The Hoff is so down with video games that he's talking with EA about making one. It might even star The Hoff himself. Perhaps he could get Pamela Anderson on board and make a Baywatch reunion game? I'm getting into Leisure Suit Larry age-gate trivia territory, aren't I?

By Becky Cunningham
CCC Contributing Writer

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