Uncharted on Film: Do It Right Or Go Home

Uncharted on Film: Do It Right Or Go Home

Now Russell has further muddied the waters. In a recent interview with Joystiq, Uncharted 3's director, Justin Richmond, has said that "all that stuff [about the film] was denied by David O. Russell," when the film director recently spoke to Richmond over the phone. "He actually called us up and was like, 'I don't know what these guys are talking about,'" Richmond said during the interview. Richmond also confirmed that Wahlberg isn't about to be confirmed as Drake, either.


So, not only has Russell basically outed himself as having never played any of the Uncharted games, but, what, was he high when he talked to the LA Times? What about all that talk about having a "family dynamic...on the bigger, more muscular stage of an international picture…[with] all the character stuff in it"? Is that not happening now? I suppose one can dream.

Uncharted on Film: Do It Right Or Go Home

Needless to say, it seems pretty obvious that Russell doesn't know what he's talking about, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the Uncharted film. Either he's played the game and is just throwing the plot to the wind, instead penning a script that puts Drake and his extended family in an "antiquities mafia," (as Kotaku so eloquently put it) or he just hasn't played the games.

I had already disowned Russell's Uncharted film based on Russell's purported ideas for it—taking Drake's exploits out of the context of the pulp adventure serial format isn't just stupid, it's a slap in the face to Uncharted fans everywhere, not to mention Naughty Dog themselves. Now that Russell has suggested that all of this may not even be true, I have to wonder just what could have possibly possessed him to take on this project in the first place.

Uncharted on Film: Do It Right Or Go Home

Since ignorance seems to be the order of the day here, let me spell it out: Nate Drake is clearly Indiana Jones for the twenty-first century, so any series of Uncharted films could, if handled properly, create be the start of a new pulpy adventure film dynasty—not some idiotic mash-up of Goodfellas, Repo Men, and National Treasure. As much as I would love to see Nathan Fillion as Drake, the reality of that situation still seems highly unlikely—even if he was cast that wouldn't account for questionable quality of Russell's script. And with Uncharted 3 now set to release late next year (and already shaping up to be stunning), do we really need further cinematic adventures of Nate Drake?

Maybe not.

By Steve Haske
CCC Freelance Writer

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