Video Game Foresight - When You’re Right, You’re (Kind of) Right

Video Game Foresight - When You’re Right, You’re (Kind of) Right

Now, speaking of industry rumors and E3, I want to clear up something completely unrelated to Nintendo's forthcoming (rumored) console. In my article "Did Portal Kill Half-Life" (find it here), I made the claim that Half-Life 3 will keep being delayed because of Valve's focus on the Left 4 Dead games and Portal 2. There are now rumors that Valve was going to have a big announcement about Half-Life 3 this year at E3.

Before you start arguing that I was dead wrong, hear me out for a minute. Okay, sure, I heard the HL3@E3 rumors too. I also know that there is a little achievement tucked inside Portal 2 dealing with the mysterious ship the Borealis. For those of you who don't know, here's a brief, (sort of) spoiler-free explanation. In Half-Life 2: Episode Two, there is mention of a ship called the Borealis, which is somehow connected to Black Mesa's rival, Aperture Science. Aperture Science's laboratory, as we all know, is the setting for the Portal games. Portal 2 has an achievement called "Ship Overboard," which requires players to uncover "the missing experiment." Yes, "the missing experiment" in Portal 2 is indeed the Borealis.

Video Game Foresight - When You’re Right, You’re (Kind of) Right

So, Portal didn't kill Half-Life at all. In fact, Portal 2 is only increasing interest in Half-Life by reminding us of this mysterious ship. Josh was wrong on this one. Valve will definitely have something to say about Half-Life 3 very soon.

But hold on. Don't be so sure about this. Valve has been teasing us about Half-Life 3 for years. In fact, in the months preceding E3, just about every year there's a rumor that Valve will have an important Half-Life-related piece of news to drop at the expo. It's a tradition. However, every year this turns out to be nothing more than a rumor, and there is generally enough cool stuff at E3 that we really don't think too much about Half-Life afterward.

Video Game Foresight - When You’re Right, You’re (Kind of) Right

And Valve likes to tease its fans. In the days leading up to Portal 2, Valve posted a countdown timer on the Aperture Science website. It was presumed that this timer was counting down to Portal 2's release. However, this countdown timer expired on Friday, April 15, four days before the game was actually slated for release. When this timer hit zero, there was a graphic that contained the words, "Happy [holiday name here]." Many gamers thought this was an indication that Portal 2 had released early. Of course, the timer actually meant nothing. The Steam version of Portal 2 was released a tad early, but only by hours, not days. It seems the whole thing was just a prank.

So don't get your hopes up.

My prediction: I was right about Nintendo's new console (sort of), and I will be right about many more things in the future.

Also, Half-Life 3 will not make an appearance at E3. I'm pretty sure about that.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Contributing Writer

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