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The Video Game Characters We Remember

Video Game Characters article

Personally, I think this is one of the reasons fans were upset that you could only play as Snake for the first part of Metal Gear Solid 2. We had developed a bond with Snake, and we could only watch him work alongside Raiden - it just was not the same. Of course, we were treated to a return of Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3 - in a way. Even though he was referred to as Snake, we all knew it was Big Boss we were playing. Snake Eater showed a side of Big Boss we had never seen before. Doing so answered a lot of question we had about the villain of the first Metal Gear and driving centerpiece of the whole series.

The doubts and unquestionable patriotism were still there, but it was the side story between Snake and The Boss that kept players attached to the screen. The end battle between Snake and The Boss was one of the most emotional and well-orchestrated boss battles I have ever experienced. The end sequence instilled a sense of honor, pride, loss, regret, and unbridled patriotism all rolled into one. Snake has grown into one of the only characters who solidifies the meaning of sacrifice on the battlefield. He has become so prominent in my mind for his sense of duty that he comes very close to another patriotic soldier of fiction - Captain America.

Video Game Characters article

With Metal Gear Solid 4 on its way in the coming months, you already see through the images shown of Snake as a solider that is tired. He is a solider that has lived through the wars of men and has come to terms with the need to take the necessary steps to halt the continued onslaught of battle. It will be a gut wrenching experience for Snake to face head on, but we can be sure that he will look the devil in the face and smile as the echoes of gunfire split open the dusty smoke of battle.

Tom Becker, Freelance Writer

Who is my most memorable video game character? I thought it would be harder to decide. One name sprang immediately to mind: Guybrush Threepwood. He's like Jack Sparrow but with better hygiene and a more temperate affinity for grog. He's like Indiana Jones but without the deep-seated emotional problems. He's all things to all people - all people that dig old school scavenger-hunt games, anyway.


Guybrush burst on the scene in the early 1990s; a time when text-based adventures were still the norm, VGA had just become the state-of-the-art in computer graphics, and video games were about as funny as a tax audit. Threepwood's offbeat adventures in LucasArts' Monkey Island series were a breath of fresh air and are still playable and funny today, if significantly less technologically advanced than contemporary games. Their popularity and influence was profound and affected not only what players expect from games, but also the kind of games developers produce.

I can't imagine today's video gaming world without the influence of Guybrush Threepwood. What's more, I don't want to.

Video Game Characters article

Cole Smith, Freelance Writer

The most memorable video game character of all time for me is Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. He's an inspiration to anyone on the other side of 40.

Sam Fisher personifies cool. Real "cool," not just the fake, sunglass-clad, movie star cool. I'm talking about cool under pressure. In a life or death situation, Sam is the man. He can take it and he can dish it out with very little change to his core personality.

Sam seems real. Even though he can kill a guy with his bare hands he still displays a well-developed sense of humor. It shows that he's professional and not just a psycho. He excels at his job. He's intelligent, and he's mature. He doesn't resort to cute one-liners like Arnold. Nor does he cop the aloof Bond attitude. Sam is the ultimate soldier. Highly trained, highly skilled and highly experienced. He not only talks tough, he is tough. His character is complex, but incredibly realized. It's hard to fathom that he's not a real person.

Video Game Characters article

To give Fisher more depth and mystery, he's voiced by legendary Canadian actor, Michael Ironside. I've always admired Ironside's work. To me, he's the Canadian equivalent of Jack Nicholson. He's that friggin' good. I just can't imagine Sam being voiced by any other actor. Thank God it wasn't Ben Affleck. Ironside employs an understated quality where just a few deep, gnarled nuances convey a lot of restrained emotion.

Sam Fisher has been through a lot, and you get to go through a lot of it with him in the Splinter Cell series. He's a character that makes his way into your heart. He seems more real than some of my friends. Perhaps I should see a psychiatrist.

Greig McAllister, Freelance Writer

Throughout the years there have been countless characters that have been introduced to the gaming community, so when asked which character is most compelling to me, I had to think about it. After a while my thoughts turned to Link, our beloved hero of the Legend of Zelda franchise. To me, there is no character that has stuck more in my mind than Link.

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