Video Games as Art?

Video Games as Art?

With A Slow Year, you use the joystick to enjoy a coffee during the cold winter season, or use it to take a nap under the summer sun. I admit that it sounds boring, but this is art. It's not about the game. The entire presentation has to be taken into account. Keep in mind this exhibit will be experienced by people with limited video game exposure. And you must admit it's cool that someone has actually developed a game for the arcane Atari system. Even cooler is that is was purposely created to be boring.

Video Games as Art?

As another example, The Art of Video Games is an actual exhibit in the Smithsonian. It too is interactive, allowing people to play any of five classic games including Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. Gaming systems such as ColecoVision and the Commodore 64 are featured, along with more recent consoles such as the Xbox and PS3. This exhibit encompasses the evolution of gaming, so newer innovations can be included under that umbrella. I think we can all agree this is a good example of a museum piece. It's not trendy enough for an art gallery.

Art is subjective. Much of it is unquantifiable. Some people can only judge art by how closely a painting resembles real life. This shows a serious lack of intellect and sophistication. There is nothing wrong with staring at art, such as a Picasso piece, and asking, "What does it mean?" Just don't say it aloud.

One of the most obvious choices for an "artistic" video game would be Myst. The classic gameplay is combined with amazingly imaginative landscapes and perfectly appropriate soundtrack and sound effects. Once again, the entire package makes this art. But alas, even though Myst has attained classic status, it won't be considered art until the medium it's presented on, or was created with, is obscured from memory.

Discernment of art, and its appreciation, requires one to operate in a higher state. This state is achieved through education, experience, and imagination. The degree of such a state is highly personal, and is ultimately the biggest determining factor in how you perceive … Okay I gotta' go….Honey Boo Boo is on TV!

Cole Smith
Contributing Writer
Date: August 17, 2012

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