Weekly Rant: Interruptus Inconsiderous

Weekly Rant: Interruptus Inconsiderous

Is there anything more frustrating than an interruption while playing an intense video game stage? Yes, there is actually one thing more frustrating: an inconsiderate interruption.

The effects of an interruption go deep. It's not just a simple pause in the fabric of time. An interruption not only breaks your concentration, but it causes stress, which can have a devastating impact on your resumed performance. Some people are actually unable to overcome the effects of an interruption, and have to stop playing. In some extreme cases, forever. These overly sensitive, neurotic types typically take up other hobbies such as serial killing or auto body.

Weekly Rant: Interruptus Inconsiderous

I can handle an innocent innocuous interruption. I call this an Ignorant Interruption. The offending party is ignorant of the fact that I am engaged in something which requires my concentration. Once I inform them of their faux pas, either verbally or with the throw of a shoe, I consider them educated of the situation. Therefore they are no longer ignorant. Should they interrupt me again, it is an Inconsiderate Interruption. This kind of interruption proves the interrupter cares little how the interruptee feels. (The use of all these terms that start with an "I" are intentional. It's an annoyingly cute literary device known as alliteration. Yes, I like to annoy. That's not an inconsideration, it's my job.)

I know you can identify with such interruptions. Perhaps your parents appear in the middle of the living room demanding your attention for some ungodly chore. Other interrupters include your siblings, roommates, friends, relatives, and even your girlfriend. (Just kidding, I know you don't have a girlfriend.) Regardless of who interrupts you, it's never a pleasant experience. Unless it's a hot girl—but you won't have to worry about that.

I can see why people would interrupt you. Yes, I'm talking to you. It's because you're not very productive. Some would even say lazy and moody. It probably wouldn't hurt you to get off your ass once in a while, anyway. So you're not a good example. But what about me? I play games for a living. My peeps know I do this, yet they continue to inconsiderately interrupt me as though I was eating a cob of corn and looking wistfully into the golden pastures awaiting the harvester's scythe.

Imagine if I were to interrupt people engrossed in an activity such as bomb disarming, hostage negotiations, brain surgery, anchoring the news, urinating, or launching a space shuttle. In no way am I implying that urinating is less important than playing a video game, but hostage negotiations? Come on! A little perspective here, please.

Inconsideration is reaching epidemic proportions in today's society. People are just too self-centered to care about other people. So you have to give them something to care about: their own safety. Whether it's a water pistol filled with vinegar and bleach, a blowtorch, a throwing star, an air horn, or a flying shoe, should they be on the receiving end of any of these educational tactics, they are certain to be more mindful of future indiscretions.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

*The views expressed within this article are solely the opinion of the author and do not express the views held by Cheat Code Central.*

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