Weekly Rant: The PS3 Is Awful And You Know It

Weekly Rant: The PS3 Is Awful And You Know It

Microsoft's got it, Sony don't. I'm talking about game-friendly computer technology.

The PS3 is a beast of burden. Compared to the Xbox 360, it's like a three-cylinder Metro trying to climb an icy mountain. Incredibly long load times, installs, re-installs, and constant updates serve to illustrate just how weak the PS3 is as a computer entertainment system.

Sony builds computers, but Microsoft develops the operating system. And even the best computer in the world needs a good operating system. You can argue all you want about how great the PS3 is, but let's face facts, the Xbox 360 is the Lamborghini of the gaming superhighway. It's faster, smoother, and more powerful. You may prefer the games available for the PS3, and that's fine. I just hate waiting two hours before I can even think of beginning to play a downloaded game.

Weekly Rant: The PS3 Is Awful And You Know It

The way I see it, Sony is rushing to get their product into the marketplace before it's perfected. The company wants to establish its market share first, and let the customer pay for it in downtime, warranty claims, upgrades, and a host of other unnecessary inconveniences.

Being brand loyal, people are willing to put up with this kind of disservice from Sony. If there was another system in competition that offered the same games and did things right, what would happen to the PS3?

Competition benefits the consumer. Competition is what made Sony lose the war in the battle of the home video market. Sony had a monopoly on the Beta system, but lost to the VHS because that system involved third-party manufacturers, even though it was clearly the inferior system quality-wise. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are not in direct competition, as each has its own niche. Sony still tries to maintain a monopoly wherever possible, but after the Beta beating, they're willing to include third parties, albeit in strictly limited capacities.

I don't have anything personal against Sony. I'm just stating facts. If you don't mind the inconveniences of the PS3, then give your head a shake and ask yourself why. Maybe you don't want an Xbox 360, or you can't afford one. That's fine. I'm not saying you don't learn to live with issues, but to say you don't mind them is ridiculous.

Sony is being sloppy, and we've been letting them get away with it for years. This is a company that makes boom boxes, televisions, cameras, camcorders, computers, headphones, and landmines. (Okay I'm just kidding about the boom boxes). On the other hand, Microsoft does not make hot sauce, diapers, or plastic Jesus figurines. I'm just saying.

By Cole Smith
CCC Senior Contributing Writer

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